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  1. beauty_sarah

    Nail tech + beautician

    The job is for mainly a nail tech who is confident and experienced. Full time hours will be available and we ideally need you to start straight away as it's Christmas!! :) We are a very busy, friendly salon with lots of training opportunities.
  2. beauty_sarah

    Active resurface 35 and waxing?

    Hey all I trained in the active resurface 35 on Monday and was wondering how long we should wait till waxing? Sarah x
  3. beauty_sarah

    Dog owners-advice needed

    hey all, needing some advice from you dog lovers out there, my mum and her partner are looking to take on my brothers dog as he can no longer cope with him. Ralph is a cross with a alsation and boarder collie (hope thats the correct spelling) my mum is a child minder so during the day Ralph...
  4. beauty_sarah

    YouTube tutorials for hair ups?

    Can any lovely geeks help me find a good YouTube channel for hair ups :) please xxx
  5. beauty_sarah

    Norwegian wedding gifts, any ideas?

    Any ideas on traditional Norwegian wedding gifts, I already know about the pine trees and iv seen that amber is one too, any help me? X
  6. beauty_sarah

    Suggestions for rough skin on hands?

    The boy friend has tough, dry hands and his brother is getting married in August and would like to have smooth hands for it!! Does anyone know if I can use a callus peels on them or has any suggestions on how to do it? He has callus's if that's the right word on the tops of his hands just...
  7. beauty_sarah

    Shellac costings

    Can someone please private message me the costings for shellac please :) x
  8. beauty_sarah

    Acrylic bit on my erica file snapped today, help!

    hey, i was treating a client before and using my efile (erica) and i dropped the hand peice as i was putting it back onto the holder while it was still on and the acrylic bit has snapped in half. trapping the other bit inside. i cant get it out and dont want to risk opening the hand peice...
  9. beauty_sarah

    How to ask a transgender female, if she is, for intimate waxing?

    Hey all, Girl at work has a client who is a transgender female. She comes in for her chin waxed and today asked about a bikini wax! Now we don't know this person very well and we have another transgender who members if staf have seen the change and even got a private show! (They didn't have...
  10. beauty_sarah

    Annoying things that have happened to you in the salon?

    Hey all, So I got a lovely ceramic take away mug off my dad for Xmas. Keep calm and carry on I love/ loved it! First day back at work today and so I took in the salon with my tea this morning. Almost finished for the day and one of the girls knocked it off the table and it smashed :( gutted...
  11. beauty_sarah

    Warrington area, a warning to keep your pets inside!

    hi geeks, my friends cat was attacked on saturday morning at 3am by two lurcher style dogs. their owner a man who was illegally lamping (type of hunting) set his two dogs opon fluffy who broke his jaw, broke his leg so badly he it removed today and ripped open his stomach!!! this vile act...
  12. beauty_sarah

    NSI training question, practice on me or trainer?

    Does anyone know if when u train with nsi (conversation course) if u train on yourself or a nail trainer? Thank u xxxx
  13. beauty_sarah

    Crown makeup brushes shedding already?

    Boyfriend bought me crown badger hair make brushes, bought them a while ago but only got them yesterday for my birthday. They are shedding all over my face, not a massive amount but is this normal? Is there something I've not done? Thank u xxx
  14. beauty_sarah

    Crown brushes

    Hey all My lovely boy friend is treating me to some makeup brushes for my birthday and Iv seen a few people saying that crown brushes are good when starting out, haven't done makeup since college and have a new job that offers makeup so im going to start practicing and wanted some good brushes...
  15. beauty_sarah

    Calling all make-up artists

    hey all, starting a new job tomorrow and they provide makeup. i havent done this since college so im in need of some help. i have my old folder out and making some notes and wil be watching youtube till my eyes fall out lol but i need some books to help me too and was hoping you could point...
  16. beauty_sarah

    Residue in my hair!

    Hey geeks, I currently use Tigi bed head shampoos and conditioner but just recently when I've washed my hair and blow dried it there seems to be a greacy residue at the back! It's happened before but after using tgel it went away but this time it just not after washing it twice and twice again...
  17. beauty_sarah

    Residue in my hair!

  18. beauty_sarah

    Glossybox, have you tried it?

    Hey all, signed up to glossy box last month and have received my July and August box! Just wondered what your thoughts are on the company and their products as professionals! I personally think its great and value for money, love getting my 5 new products to try every month but the August box...
  19. beauty_sarah

    Tanning your back?

    Hey geeks, you know when u need a tan n u get ur solution out and your happily manual tanning ur self how on earth do you tan ur bk??? I have to get my bf to do it but he always moans n doesn't put enough on I think!!! Any ideas would b great :)
  20. beauty_sarah

    who did this nail?

    hey geeks, please tell me if im out of order asking this but i love it!!!! i saw this pic on the thread what nails are you sporting today and i love it and would love to know how she did the gold detail, if the geek that did it doesnt want to tell me i understand :(