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  1. Barbara1505

    Shellac Luxe - new innovation from CND

    Hello everybody, in our German Facebook Group we had interesting news today: a new Shellac variation, available in August this year. I try to translate the text in english correctly ;): Shellac Luxe TM a revolutary 2 step System. The base coat is included in the colours. The removal time will...
  2. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac new Nude Collection

    New Nude Collection, launching will be in January:)
  3. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac - new top coats, matte, pearl and glitter! Often wanted, now soon available:). Matte Shellac Topcoat. Additionally Topcoats with pearl and glitter. I can`t give further informations. This are informations from the Facebook page CND Pro Team...
  4. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac Married to the Mauve now available?

    Have I missed anything? Is the colour "Married to the mauve now available in Shellac, not only Vinylux? In this evening I got an email from CND with the title "Your favourite SHELLAC and VINYLUX Rosy Neutrals are now availabel in Pairs". They showed pictures - and one pair was CND Shellac...
  5. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac Silver VIP available again!?

    In Germany the official distributor for CND product has changed. It is now the Insight Cosmetics Group or to put it in another way: this company take over to the old distributor (MAHA). On their website I saw the Silver VIP Status and made immediately a call to the company to find out if this...
  6. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac - Spring 2017 "New Wave" :)
  7. Barbara1505

    New CND Shellac Duraforce top coat - share experiences!

    Dear geeks, I am looking forward to read your (and mine if it is released in Germany:)) experiences with the new CND Shellac Topcoat Duraforce. Here you can read first answered questions, I hope that this Topcoat...
  8. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac new fall colours 2016 - Craft Culture collection

    Leather Satchel Brick Knit Patina Buckle Hand Fired Denim Patch Oxblood In the second link you can see the colours in large picture if you scroll Patina Buckle...
  9. Barbara1505

    Shellac VIP Silver - alternative other professional brands?

    Dear geeks, My last bottle VIP Silver will soon be empty. This colour is very popular with my clients and I am very disappointed that it is out of stock. A lot of you feel like me, I think. I am searching for an alternative in other professional brands, for example Gelish, INK, Jessica and so...
  10. Barbara1505

    CND LED lamp – have you had problems with it?

    At the time the new CND LED Lamp came on the market I had already bought some new UV lamps for my CND UV lamp and therefore I didn`t orderd the lamp. In the last months I read a lot of opinions about the CND LED lamp here in this forum. Some people have problems, some people not. It is very...
  11. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac new colours - Spring and Fall 2016 :):)
  12. Barbara1505

    Searching for a stamping plate with tennis racket

    For a client who is a tennis player I am searching a stamping plate with a tennis racket. I am not so far been able to find one. Can anyone help with a numer of the plate? Konad oder Moyou? I am also searching for a smiley motive. Thank you for your help! xxx
  13. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac Poison Plum - who really likes the colour?

    Today I got some of my ordered Contradiction Colours. Here in Germany we get them in time delay. What do you think about Poison Plum? At the first moment I thought something has gone wrong with the bottle. Never seen such a strange mixture colour/"glitter". Here in Germany we say "nichts halbes...
  14. Barbara1505

    What are your experiences with CND Rescue RXx?

    Yesterday evening I applied the first time CND Rescue on my own nails after removing my Shellac. I am very surprised because it seems that my nails have profited from only one application. I have very thin bendy nails and it seems that they are stronger. The surface of the nails look very nice...
  15. Barbara1505

    Shellac – increasing insufficient coverage

    At the moment am a little bit disappointed from Shellac. I am a Shellac girl throgh and through and very proud to have every single colour and that as a holistic therapists who is doing in the nail sector only natural nail treatments with Shellac , but that very successfull since...
  16. Barbara1505

    Best Gelish colours - no fading, coverage with two or at most three coats

    I am a Shellac girl, work with Shellac over three years and I am very proud to have every colour. Most of my clients stay fine with Shellac but I have also some who need a product who gives more strongness (weak and bendy nails). Certainly I use in this cases Brisa Light Smoothing gel and it...
  17. Barbara1505

    Show me your hand/arm rest

    Who of you have another hand/arm rest as the typical - the semi rolls with a towel over . For example, months ago I saw here on a thread a very interesting construction: a semi roll who was integrated in a "work space". Sorry, it`s very difficult for me to describe this in english. I would...
  18. Barbara1505

    Bottles open to let solvents evaporate for a thicker consistency

    Good morning Geeks, has anyone experiences? In one thread (Shellac colours who need three coats) was the suggestion to let the bottles open for a time to let solvents evaporate in case of colours with very thin consistence. Has anyone done this and what are the experiences? Is there...
  19. Barbara1505

    Best ridge fillers-also compatible with Vinylux?

    What is in your experiences the best ridge filler? Perhaps someone has also made experiences with a good ridge filler who is compatible with Vinylux?
  20. Barbara1505

    New CND Shellac and Vinylux collection - Gilded Dreams :Love: