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    blonde goin red? ur help!

    hi! Im thinking of going bright red, but right now i am blonde with a pale skin tone but i dont know if it would suit me. i need some help i like my blonde hair but i would like a change and my friends have said they think i would suit red. if anyone out there could give me some advice i would...
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    hair extention training

    hi geeks! curious which is better to do hair extention training.. is it better to go to college an spend 6 weeks doing a course 1 night a week or is it better to go with a company like lush us uk an do it at home in a day? They both cost about the same an both have kits included.. but lush us...
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    hair extention training wirral/liverpool

    i have been looking into doing hair extention training in my local area and have found a course going on in liverpool for £395 next week with belle hair extentions, im really interested but no nothing and i dont want to go with the 1st course i see and end up with a rubbish qualification that i...
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    What do I do? HELP!

    right, i just do not know what to do... Ive been doing training since Dec 10 and so far i can do: Spray tanning, lashes (both semi and weekend) waxing, and i will be doing my nail qualification at the end of the month. And I dont know what to do whether to apply for jobs and volunteering in...
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    Make Up Geeks!

    Hey im just wondering if doing make up do you have much work? I've just got funding to do a VTCT Level 2 Beauty Thearpy Make up and I'm wondering if I would get much work out of it? As I'd be doing it mobile to work around me kids or would it be better to try and get in a salon or wedding shops...
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    Dark tan

    i sprayed a client today and she has just texted me saying that the tan has come off! and gone all patchy, she has said that she has had tans before and nothing has seem to come out nice it has just left her patchy. I am thinking that maybe try her with a darker tan (like la disco or something)...
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    client cards

    Hey this is probs a really daft question but what sort of information do you put on client cards? Thanks Xx
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    starting out

    hey I've just done a spray tan course an I'm going mobile, I'm a single mum on benifits so I thought about doing it on the side til after crimbo as I'm just starting out but my friends have told me I'm best starting up a business and going self employed! I have no idea where to start, I can...
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    who have you trained with to do you waxing im interested an looking in2 doing it but wondered who used wot?
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    Where can you get LA tanning solution?

    Where can you get LA tanning solution other than their website where its xx.xx or ebay as theres none on there and I'm looking for it to be a bit cheaper x
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    Training courses near Merseyside

    Hey I'm looking for a spray tanning course 2 do round merseyside I've luked @ the collages an tht but cnt get on a course til sept nxt year an the college courses dnt hav it on any helpp wud be great fanks x
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    Starting out

    hey im jst startin out an need ppl 2 practice on an im not too sure how 2 word it i was finkin models required but then i duno how much 2 charge? any help wud b much appreated! thanks xxx
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    Which way to spray?

    hey im just curious which way 2 ppl spray? do u spray up an down or in little circles? coz ive watched 2 vids an 1 went down/up an the ova went round in circles if u cud shead a bit of lite on which way is best it wud b much appreated! fankz xxx
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    Tanning gun

    hey im jst starin out an got a hvlp 700 spray tanning machine an got no gun ( the girl sed it was broken or summin) does any1 no were i can get a new 1 @ a cheapish price?