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  1. Barbara1505

    Shellac Luxe - new innovation from CND

    Hello everybody, in our German Facebook Group we had interesting news today: a new Shellac variation, available in August this year. I try to translate the text in english correctly ;): Shellac Luxe TM a revolutary 2 step System. The base coat is included in the colours. The removal time will...
  2. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac new Nude Collection

    New Nude Collection, launching will be in January:)
  3. Barbara1505

    Born Pretty stamping plates

    Trinity is sooooo right !!! Is is really trial and error. A long time I thought I would be to silly to use a clear stamper. Till I know that not all stampers are compatible with all plates!
  4. Barbara1505

    New CND gel polish Scroll a little bit and you see a interesting video. My english is not perfect by I understand that Creativ Play gel polish shall be an alternative to Shellac - for the salons who can`t afford Shellac. The price will be the half of...
  5. Barbara1505

    Shellac Ice Bar polish?

    Can anybody tell me if there is a difference to the discontinued "Moonlight and Roses" ? It seems very similar. I have one and a half bottle of "Moonlight and Roses" and if there is no difference I will not buy Ice Bar. Thank you for your answers and opinions!
  6. Barbara1505

    New CND gel polish

    Very interesting.... Would like to get more background information..... Wy does CND do this.....? Comparison between Shellac and the new I said very interesting. I will ask in the CND German Group at Facebook, perhaps I get Information. Naturally I will post it here ;-)
  7. Barbara1505

    Shellac Night Spell collection

    Great, I was waiting for this Video :)
  8. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac - new top coats, matte, pearl and glitter!

    I think they will be very popular and what the main thing will be: these Top Coats will save time! That means: VIP Silver and glitter are very popular with my clients and I think at your clients also. It could be that the pearl top coat is similar to VIP Silver and the Glitter Top Coat is...
  9. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac - new top coats, matte, pearl and glitter! Often wanted, now soon available:). Matte Shellac Topcoat. Additionally Topcoats with pearl and glitter. I can`t give further informations. This are informations from the Facebook page CND Pro Team...
  10. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac Married to the Mauve now available?

    Thank you for responsing! Great! Hope it will be available in Germany also!
  11. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac Married to the Mauve now available?

    Have I missed anything? Is the colour "Married to the mauve now available in Shellac, not only Vinylux? In this evening I got an email from CND with the title "Your favourite SHELLAC and VINYLUX Rosy Neutrals are now availabel in Pairs". They showed pictures - and one pair was CND Shellac...
  12. Barbara1505

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Spring is coming - CND Shellac Wisteria Haze
  13. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac Silver VIP available again!?

    In Germany the official distributor for CND product has changed. It is now the Insight Cosmetics Group or to put it in another way: this company take over to the old distributor (MAHA). On their website I saw the Silver VIP Status and made immediately a call to the company to find out if this...
  14. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac-which colour for French?

    So for me :-). For me and most of my clients the nicest combo for French. We love the beautyful milky shimmering colour. Romantique - such a nice colour and so dreadful to aply on natural nails. No chance to do it nice if there are ridges or other irregularities. I use this colour layering with...
  15. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac - Spring 2017 "New Wave"

    Hi Ladys, I am with you in your opinions. Till now I was happy and proud that I have every single colour from every collection - and that as an holistic therapist who is doing nails only as a section of the work (but I love it :)) At this time I ordered only five colours and let the yellow...
  16. Barbara1505

    New CND Shellac Duraforce top coat - share experiences!

    Anyone else who have experiences with Duraforce? In Germany it is still not yet available:(
  17. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac - Spring 2017 "New Wave" :)
  18. Barbara1505

    New CND Shellac Duraforce top coat - share experiences!

    It sounds great!!! Thank you for sharing your experience!
  19. Barbara1505

    CND Shellac wear on nurses

    Yes, also in Germany nurses are not allowed to wear polish! But it depends also to the nursing management who rules the hospital ;-). In some cases they turn a blind eye if the nurse are using very very tender colours... I personaly make good experiences with Shellac also on those highly...