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    Gentle chemical peel

    The Clinicare painless peel from 4T Medical is great to do along side dermaplaning.
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    LED face therapy

    I have the Pure Skin Medicals Quantum and it’s really good. I also have a Celluma LED light and I love this too, it’s light weight and easy to move around. Dermalux also have their Flex, similar to the Celluma Pro device and around the same price. Don’t go with a cheap version if you want...
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    Million Dollar Facial - help please from anyone who’s trained with them!

    No this isn’t true at all! The kit is adequate to begin the MDF but you will need to purchase more Derma-rollers in 0.5 to begin with as it’s one per person and then disposed of. You receive: 1 x MD cleanser 1 x MD toner 1 x MD balm (for dermaplaning) 1 x MD serum 1 x blade handle 10 derma...
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    Clinic flooring

    Can anyone recommend what type of flooring for a clinic treatment room is best?
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    Aesthetic foundation degree

    Hi! Yes I did it's been good, in the second semester now with a great bunch of ladies. The course content is great, the tutors very experienced. I won't lie it's been hard work - a wake up call! Glad I'm doing it though X
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    At first it detailed well, then came the online sellers and Dermalogica selling direct via their website, departments stores etc - I hardly retail any Dermalogica anymore. So much I think I'm not going to bother either. I'm a stockist of 5 years. Have you checked your area to see how many other...
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    LED light therapy

    It depends on your budget and if your insurance requires in class training (most do). Neo elegance or Opera are the most popular mask style devices with training or skinmate from HOF offer a cheaper alternative.
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    Training in lip/lower face filler

    Are you a medical professional? If not be aware dermal fillers are going to be made prescription only in the not so distant future...
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    Skincare brand help

    Where is the the distributor and training for dermogenera? I've not heard of this company before X
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    I'm curious why do you need someone who took it on within the past three months? Can't us existing stockists help?
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    Yes it's normal for a large brand opening order like Dermalogica. I took them on about 5 yrs ago and paid about £3k
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    Professional skin care with level 2?

    You're best contacting each company. You maybe able to offer certain treatments but no electrical's as level 3.
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    Icon Ultralift

    I really love my icon machine, it's an excellent device - small but mighty! Most of all the results I get with this machine far outweigh results when I used other more well known machines when working in other clinics and salons over the years. Personally the selling points for this machine are...
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    Ipl machine from Inspa Solutions?

    Inspa are a waste of time, they can't even confirm training. I've been waiting over a YEAR. Don't bother.
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    Alumier is really affordable - you will be best contacting AlumierMD U.K. Head office for more details or if you haven't heard from them yet. Alumier is more for skin peels over any other treatment. I'd wait for details as since I took them on last year opening packages may have change etc
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    INK London or The Gel Bottle?

    I've been using INK for a few weeks now. And it's lasting really well. I orders the different base & topcoats along with the strengthening gel base. The colours are lovely too x
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    Mobile facial machines

    Icon Ultralift is amazing! It can come in a case to carry mobile. It has non surgical face lifting, electrotherapy (no needle Meso therapy) and galvanic options. Small enough to carry x
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    INK London or The Gel Bottle?

    Thank you, I ordered 20 ink colours and the different base, fortify & topcoats. So far they are really nice to apply, the delivery was next day & free which I've certainly never had from TGB! I'm going to see what feedback I get from clients and if they like it I will be selling off my TGB...
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    Till and salon software computer etc

    My till works fine and he draw opens who I've put the payment through and prints off receipts etc. Maybe whatever it was has been fixed although I've had the cash drawer for over a year but Ovatu software longer X
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    Till and salon software computer etc

    None at all, I've been using it for nearly 3 years. What issues did you have?