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    Neon nail shadows

    Hello peeps. Just taken delivery of the new neon nail shadows. I've been having a play around but I can't get a nice even finish. Has anyone mastered a technique yet? Feeling very deflated as I was really excited to get them. Please help if you can.
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    chair rental arrangements and tax

    I havent posted on here for quite some time so i realize I am being a bit cheeky by asking you all for advice but I am a little bit flummoxed. I am looking for some help on renting arrangements and VAT. At the moment I rent space in a salon and pay a percentage, this has worked fine for the past...
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    Home salon & insurance

    Hi, this is a question for folks with a home salon or mobile. If you are running your business from home with a room set up as a salon, have you told your household insurers about it. Mobile folk, have you told your motor insurance that you use your car for business purposes...
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    Natural looking enhancements - which powders?

    At the moment I am using form sculpting whenever possible on cllients. (don't have many :irked: ) I tend to stick with the old faithful 'french', I can see where the smile is going. I would like to try doing a natural look with natural powder in zone 1. I have practiced on Andy the nail...
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    Any one know of Eyelash Training Courses

    Does anyone out there know where I can find a eyelash perming & tinting course in yorkshire area? Not looking to get into the hole beauty thing, but I have been asked a few times now if I can perform this service. Thanks in advance peeps:)
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    Yikes Misunderstanding

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    The fab seminar by Gigi

    Dear Geeks, I would like you all to know what a wonderful day I had yesterday at the Creative academy in Leeds. Gigi Rouse gave an impromtu seminar and demonstration. For all you ladies that were there, you know exactly what I mean when I say that watching and listening to Gigi is an...
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    psmsl. Just went on the add link (NAILS) and it is for nails.... hammers and nails. Sorry but it just made me laugh cos the first think i saw were clamps. I thought 'what the hell do you use those for', then the penny dropped. DOH!
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    what is/ who is yahoo slurp spider

    just had a quick look to see who is on line (v nosey). Yahoo slurp spider is all over the place. does anyone know what it is?????
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    Calling all newbies out there....

    I am a new nail tech, I work hard & practice hard. My confidence gets knocked and knocked but I make myself keep going. I am going to produce a good set of nails that I am proud of 1 day no matter what people think, say or do! I qualified in Nov 05 with Creative. I use the word Qualified...
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    What a blooming gorgeous day

    Hasn't it been gorgeous weather today. Sorry to be boring but I love the sun. Got all my washing dry, cut the grass, all out doorsie stuff... Brilliant. Mind you, I did a set of nails this evening and struggled with product a bit cos it was so warm. Any one else had a nice day in the sun...
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    Designing Flyers

    After some advice please. I am in the process of designing some flyers. What do you think is the best way of doing it? 1) list services and put prices. 2) list service and not prices. 3) pad it out with lots of info and get as much on as you can. 4) keep it short and simple with minimum info. 5)...
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    Liquid and powder differences

    does anyone know if mixing liquid and powders is ok. for instance, is it ok to use Retention + with Solarnail powder?:rolleyes:
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    Nail Art Pens

    I did a search on nail art pens and came up with a gazzilian threads. Looked through as many as i could, without going blind, but didnt find what i wanted. I have never done nail art and want to have a go.... Nothing too fancy pants! Do any of you use creative pens and are they any good. I...
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    SCARY LADY = REFUND!!!!! (long) What do you think of this?

    I did a custom blend on Thursday. They were the worst bitten nails ever seen, not only were they badly bitten, they were knawed deep in to her skin. When I saw them I was in two minds wether to do them or not, her hands were also very large. Any way, she said she was desperate to have them done...
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    Husband Away

    My husband has new job so working away at moment, hence up so late. Miss him like crazy:cry: . Got school hols off so party for 1, ddrinking red wine, eating walkers cheese & onion crisps and smoking minty ciggies, how sad is that? Still, got to geek tons and tons today and enjoyed my little...
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    Toe Nails & Acrylics

    Did a search on toe nail acrylics, couldn't find a tutorial on this. Is there one? I have seen them on people when abroad and think they look great. I would love to be able to offer this service, is it the same as doing finger nails on a form, but the form adapted to fit the toe? Can it be done...
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    any one else this tipsy

    Husband away, watched bridget jones and jamesd bond with kids. drank bottol red wine, v happy oops no spello check oops lol or what ever v happy:hug: :eek: :lol: :Grope: :hug: :)
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    Just Want To Share...

    I did my spa pedicure manicure induction yesterday. What a lovely day it was. The creative teacher was wonderful as usual. I met some really nice ladies and had a really great time, it was a real treat to be pampered - and pamper. If anyone is thinking of doing it, I highly recomend it...
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    Bit Off A Dummy

    My silly question is..... Is it ok to use cuticle eraser over l&p enhancement?:o