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  1. ChelleBells10

    Colour correction advice

    Geeks, I really need your help! I had my hair coloured from light blonde(901s and 9 highlights) to brunette (6.3/6 full head tint with foils 8.03 & 901s) but a trusted hairstylist(I didn't know at the time what was used and my hair is now so flat and wishy washy. I don't want to be this light...
  2. ChelleBells10

    Colour correction advice

  3. ChelleBells10

    Bonded hair extensions on holiday!

    Hey guys, As above, will I be ok wearing mine on holiday? Any do's/don't? Should I remove them??x
  4. ChelleBells10

    Hair extension removal

    Hi guys and gals, Please help, I'm relatively new to hair extensions, I qualified in Feb. yesterday I did my second removal of pre bonded exts and it took 4 and a half hours!!!! I brought the pre bonded exts from Foxy and used their own remover. By the end of it my hand was agony. What am I...
  5. ChelleBells10

    Bleach highlights need toning

    Hi Geeks, I've done a strand test on a clients hair she is a base 5. She has a slight colour build up on the ends and wants some blonde/caramel highlights put through. I've brought the hair up with bleach and put a toner through(dia col 9.13) it's still a bit brassy any suggestions please??
  6. ChelleBells10

    Extensions matting!

    So basically, I have a client who came to me for hair extensions. She had them done at a reduced price due to this being a new service for me(recently qualified). I made hardly any profit on what I did. She didn't take my advice/recommendations to use the correct after care(products) and went...
  7. ChelleBells10

    Waterproof mascara

    Can anyone recommend any for Bridal makeup??x
  8. ChelleBells10

    Grand Sirenis, Riviera Maya

    Has anyone been?? Recommend or not? Xx
  9. ChelleBells10

    Bed Head shampoo on extensions?

    I've had a client MSG me tonight saying her extensions have matted at the root. She is then saying no problem with a brushing it so totally contradicting what she is saying. She then goes on the tell me she is using Self Absorbed shampoo and conditioner by bed head which is 'specifically for...
  10. ChelleBells10

    Famous hair quotes/slogans

    Does anyone know of any??
  11. ChelleBells10

    Sephora brand makeup?

    Has anyone used their own brand makeup? What's the pigment like?...,
  12. ChelleBells10

    Ombré extensions

    Could I ask your advice on a set of pre bonded extensions for an ombré.... Would you just use the lighter colours through the ends or would you put some of the darker colour from the top through the ends to blend the line through a bit?? The client already has her natural hair ombré so would it...
  13. ChelleBells10

    Makeup course at Beauty Academy, Kings Cross?

    Hi geeks, Has anyone ever done a makeup course at The Beauty Academy in Kings Cross,London??
  14. ChelleBells10

    Must have makeup products

    Hey guys, I wondered if you could tell me your fave/must have's make up products to start up my kit as I'm newly qualified. I will mainly be doing bridal makeup...... Thanks in advance x
  15. ChelleBells10

    Bridal makeup course

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to do a bridal makeup course? I'm based in Berkshire so ideally around this area but would travel if needed x
  16. ChelleBells10

    Colour change

    I have a client who's hair had been bleached to within an inch if its life(by another stylist). She originally wanted an ombré but now wants to tone it down with lots of low lights and a few bleach highlights through the regrowth. I will attach a pic of her hair now, and what she is wanting to...
  17. ChelleBells10

    Babyliss ProCurl

    Does anyone have one/tried one? Pro's/con's? Are they worth the money and do you have any pics? Thanks in advance x
  18. ChelleBells10

    Colour change!

    Hi guys, so I had a new client come to see me today for a consultation(I don't work in a salon so no one else to ask opinions of). She has a full head of bleach highlights. She wants to go darker and I'm a little nervous. Could you give me your advice of how you would go about doing this, I have...
  19. ChelleBells10

    Could I get your votes please?

    Hi everyone, could I get a vote from you all please, just need 1,2 or 3. I'm rebranding my business and website etc xx
  20. ChelleBells10

    Could I get your votes please???