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  1. ajb

    Hyaluronic air pens

    Has anyone else looked into or seen the new lip filler with out needles you use hyaluronic acid and pressure it into the lips, just wondered what peoples thoughts were in it and does anyone know if it lasts as long as injectable fillers, seen a lot of companies jumping on board and offering...
  2. ajb

    Advice needed on lash lift

    just wondered if anyone could advise me as im totally miffed now as tried everything i use salon system lash lift product and until recently i have never had a problem with lifting the last 5 clients i have done its not taken well or not at all and i have tried new glue new solutions left on a...
  3. ajb


    Ive been looking into micro blading and just wondered if anyone has any recommendation of trainers or companies that offer it looking for poss top 3/5 then can look into them all, dont know where to star looked at a few already but prices go from any from £750 plus vat to £1995 and advice would...
  4. ajb

    Back and chest waxing

    hi there just wondered if theres any tips or advice on how to stop men getting spots after back or chest waxing? i give all the after care advice but does it just happen anyway men getting to spots or have they prob not followed the after care advice?
  5. ajb

    Make-up course

    is there any makeup courses available in yorkshire? or manchester, sheffield surround areas ??
  6. ajb

    Volume lash course

    anyone done the volume lash course with Flirties?? and what did you think to it??
  7. ajb


    Just getting back into nails after a bit of time out, how long does it take people to do a full set with polish or a gel polish, im currently taking about about and 15 with polish or hour and half with gel polish on top, would you say that is too long?
  8. ajb

    C curls

    wanting to add c curl lashes to my lash range, the company i use only go up to 12, whats sizes do most of you use? and is there any companys that do longer?
  9. ajb

    Volume lashes

    ive searched about and read some threads really interested in doing a lash volume course, im based nr leeds is there any up yorkshire way or near or are they all based down south and could anyone recommend a trainer if they have done the course x
  10. ajb

    Smart Polish

    Went to PBN today and came across Smart Polish one step gel anybody else heard of it? thanks x
  11. ajb

    Gel polish

    hi everyone, i currently use shellac and am happy with it but would like to add a gel polish to my range can anyone advise what they use or can suggest one as theres so many to choose from and want one that soaks off good as had trouble with people saying they have had shellac but an hour later...
  12. ajb

    Eyelash lift

    i did an eye lash lift on a client yesterday they looked ok when she left but now shes saying they gone funny and cant put mascara on them so untill i see them not sure what has happened is there anything i can do to correct them? shud i redo them to get them bsck ok or is there any oils can put...
  13. ajb

    How much to charge?

    Im just wondering if anyone can advise me on what the going rate is or how much commision people charge, im looking into getting someone into my salon once or twice a month to offer botox and fillers etc and not sure what percent or commision i would charge? is it per client? per day? shes...
  14. ajb

    How much to charge for crystal pedicure

    Hi there, i have searched on all the threads regarding crystal pedicures and am curious as to what other people are charging, i am just introducing this to my treatments i offer but am not sure what to charge, i dont want to be cheap but dont want to b 2 expensive. cud someone give me an idea...
  15. ajb

    Nail Tech and Beautician looking to rent room Leeds/Bradford

    Hi there, i am looking to rent a room in the Leeds/Bradford area if anyone has or knows of somewhere please let me know. I do all beauty treaments Nail gel/l&p nouveau lash extentions and individual Mani Pedi shellac minx Spray Tanning
  16. ajb

    Brisa gel nails

    i have recently done the gel course and am finding it ok doing the gels but am a little unsure of a few things and wondered if someone could help, i have a few questions. can u use white tips? or shud i just keep practising my white gel till i get it right? or use the brush on white gel ? what...
  17. ajb


    What is the youngest ages you shud do minx on? i did a 7 yrs old the other day and her mum, feet and toes on both and acrylics on the mum, the mum rang me later that day and said her little girls minx were lifting from the front, i was going away on holiday which she knew, i said if she cud get...
  18. ajb

    File & polish

    Hi there, just curious what you charge for a file & polish and what exactly do you do. ive been charging £10 for clipping down the toes nail, filing them, putting cuticle remover on then pushing cutticles back then polishing, should i be doing all that, or should i do it cheaper and just...
  19. ajb

    Which gel course should I do or use?

    Hi there, i currently do acrylics but am interested in doing gel nails so i can do nails and do gel toes, which wud be the best to go with? i been looking at opi, nsi, not sure cud somebody advise thanks
  20. ajb

    Facial products

    hi there, i am wanting to add facial products to mt salon, im currently not using anything but would like to start, the problem is that i am only a small salon, self employed, but i am based in ilkey, ive tried contacting some of the companies and they are wanting £4000 and £3000 to start up...