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  1. NailSpa

    WooHoo Day 2 completed!

    awwwww well done u , i have five day 2 complete now in december. Yes your very right in saying that creative is the best. Its an amazing company with buzz,infusion and of course Creativity. I would like to say big thanks to Denise in Crawley x
  2. NailSpa

    How much do you charge for a BSC wax?

    yeh i agree , he does know his stuff and it make me proud to be a male beauty therapist. Therapists in todays industry need to be on the ball as our industry is constantly changing , striving for high standards and underpinning knowlege. And from reading every ones messages and forum submitions...
  3. NailSpa

    adaption of facial massage

    lol hehe all kewl - dnt worry i get use to the lady thing at college OOOOOOOOOOOOOO put my lip gloss down u cheaky mare ! lol xxxxxx
  4. NailSpa

    adaption of facial massage

    omg sweety u had it easy lol , just finished that bloody exam and mine was for dry , oily , mature , normal,combination,etc and then for millia , blood capillarys , acne etc . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! lol good luck sweet xx
  5. NailSpa

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Excitement !!!!

    lol ello jess , it was really fun wasnt it . I know we keep seeing each other all the time ! lol c ya 2 moz hunny im of to practice
  6. NailSpa

    1st day

    Hi guys and gals , well today was my first day of foundation creative . My tutor is fab , shes has an excellent teaching style and shes very talented. We had a go at smile lines today and omg they were so bloody hard but i think im picking them up slowly , perfect makes practice hehe. Any...
  7. NailSpa

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Excitement !!!!

  8. NailSpa

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Excitement !!!!

  9. NailSpa

    Beauty Therapy Training! What Do You Think?

    Ok guys , lets just step back for a mo. Were all here to help each other out and to offer our advice. Every one is entitled to their oppinions and no one is slatering them , i think we all have our oppinions on short and long courses. I have made my say and others are entitled to. REMEMBER...
  10. NailSpa

    Beauty Therapy Training! What Do You Think?

    Babsann , i couldnt agree with you anymore - that was one of the best reply i have seen on the geek and has my head nodding up and down . This is so true , there is no way you can call your self a beauty therapist after 6 days or a few weeks. If its taken Babs and i to get where we are now (and...
  11. NailSpa


    Hi ya huny , i done lotion application - the colour is very realistic. I am doing my airbrush tan next year which i cant wait 2 do. And christina you wanted training for up North hun , the phone number is 0115 9836350 or visit , these resources should be able to help you...
  12. NailSpa


    Hey all ! just finished my st tropez cosmetic tanning today. Was a really enjoyable day with lots of product info. Got my Badge and cert. Anyone who is thinking about st tropez should defo do it. xxxxx
  13. NailSpa

    Hi, I'll be with you in just one second.... next thing you know, its a few hours

    Come on girls , lets play niceley , she really might need our help and advice. Maybe she hasnt replied back because shes to scared to come back to us. Im gonna check out her other threads xx
  14. NailSpa

    Please Help! Damzel In Distress!

    mmmmmmm thats a tricky one hun When you have some free time Raid every college prospectus and course info booklets that train any where in london. Its difficult because in actual fact it is cheaper to do a full time beauty course , then this way you have all your BT units etc. Give the local...
  15. NailSpa

    Scratch Mag

    oooooooooooooooooooooo my eyes are wide open ! good luck hun ! xxxx
  16. NailSpa

    What can you skin geeks do for me?

    Hi ya geeg , i would like to suggest estee lauder. Estee lauder do stock a wide range of products which are just fab for the skin ! they sell alot of make-up and skin care - best thing is the consultants will get you to sit down and try the products , then at least you have had the chance to try...
  17. NailSpa

    Exam advice please?

    I agree with geeg , if its their fault then they need to deal with the situation in hand and not put your friend through hell and back ! like geeg said GET TOUGH
  18. NailSpa

    is comedone extractors good when using

    Would just like 2 say i agree , i prefer the tissue method of easing the little buggers out. It wasnt as painful for me but then thats me personally.Im just a big wimp ! lol . :lol:
  19. NailSpa

    my nail video

    :green: OMG I LOVD IT ! LOL I am so excited now about my creative course , its filled me with inspiration and an infusion of creativity ! BIG BIG BIG well done hun ! xxxxxxxxx