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  1. Tars


    Does anyone on here use Minetan? I’ve just started experimenting with it....I was disappointed with the Extreme...(not dark enough) and I know you can mix them together...was wondering what one to mix it with to compliment it? Thanks.
  2. Tars

    Fake Bake spray tan ingredients

    Hi all! I've not used Fake Bake solution in about a year and I'm pretty sure it contained alcohol? Can someone confirm this for me? I have found an old post on here from 09 and it listed the ingredients and it was in there so have they taken it out? Thanks!
  3. Tars

    Pricing scale for spray tanning?

    For those of you who use more than one solution do you charge the same price for your tans??? I was just wondering as I want to offer a price scale so I can offer "credit crunch" (maybe not worded as that) tans.....does this sound really tacky??? I have found a second solution and maybe even a...
  4. Tars

    Has anyone tried Unreal Tanning Solutions?

    On my quest to find a 2nd solution I have tested Unreal.....I liked what I saw....nice colour guide, no smell, quick guinea pig said it was like being tanned with air!!! She has messaged me to say its the best tan I've ever done her ( in 4 years!!!) I'm dying to grill her but she's...
  5. Tars

    New Fake Bake spray tan solution and finding a second solution to use!!!

    Has anyone used the new solution that Fake Bake have bought out? I got some last week and I'm absolutely hating the smell and it seems as if the guide colour has slightly changed too??? I was already thinking of running a second solution but have really had my finger off the pulse the last...
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    Ingrowing hair!

    In the last couple of years I get the odd very painful ingrowing hair. Would it make any difference if I waxed instead of shaved?
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    Tanning Geeks-Solution!

  8. Tars

    My Daughter started Ballet today!

    Sorry this is totally off subject but my Daughter who's three started her Ballet Babes class today! I don't think she ever looked so cute, leotard, skirt, ballet shoes and socks, so so sweet! It bought a tear to my eye!
  9. Tars

    What Comedians/Comedy shows do you like?

    Morning All ! I'm very pleased with myself as I've just purchased tickets for Alan Carr's Stand Up Tour! So I was wondering who makes you Geeks laugh and who really doesn't?!!! I love Lee Evans, he's soooo funny live and has to be my favorite. I have also seen Jack Dee and Frank Skinner on...
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    Has anyone heard of this?

    Hi all, In the grips of this afternoons deal or no deal, I took a call from a guy wanting to send me a solution sample. I think he said he was from Future Beauty and Tanning but tbh I was so gripped by the TV I kinda missed it! When I asked what it was called he replied "Toner" Have any of...
  11. Tars

    Anyone used BeauBronz?

    Hi Guys I've just received a very good set of samples from BeauBronz and wondered if any of you have used this solution? It's a three step spraying process and I can't wait to try it out! You spray with a body polish first then your bronz solution and finish with a moisture lock to seal it in...
  12. Tars

    25 ft fingernails!!!

    OMG! A lady from America has just been placed in the Guinness world records for having fingernails measuring 24ft7.8ins!!!!!! She stopped cutting them in 1979 and has NEVER broken ONE! Can you believe it?! Anyone avialable for a QUICK shape and polish!!! lol
  13. Tars

    Helped my first 'nail biter' !

    Hi Geeks Every Saturday for the past 4 weeks I've had a lovely client in for a manicure. On her first visit her nails were so badly biten and the cuticles very overgrown and I took a good hour sorting her out. She has not biten her nails once since she started coming to the salon and she's...
  14. Tars


    Evening All ! Well I have now had my first two "pervert" calls! Two in as many days, can you believe it!? I knew I had to expect them really when your advertising your phone number everywhere, but have they really got nothing better to do? As soon as I heard a male voice at the end of the line...
  15. Tars

    I think I'm gonna do the Gel course!

    Hi Guys, Ok so now I've done my Spray Tanning which is going really well and my Natural nail care Clients are building up, so I think I need to add another "string to my bow" and do the EzFlow Gel Course with Jess (Sparklepink) From being in the salon and also having had Jess do my nails for...
  16. Tars

    Need a tanning geek for west Molesey!

    Hi Just had a call for a tan in West Molesey, Surrey. It's way out of my area.(they got my number from virgin crew board Heathrow!) Lovely lady who wants an professional spray tan as shes had bad experiences with spray tanning booths! If you can help please pm me and I'll past on her details.
  17. Tars

    Goodprint discount!

    Hi If anyone is interested I just received an email from Goodprint and they are offering a 30% discount on there stationary with free matt uv coating on the business cards! Have just reordered some more myself as I love the business cards they did for me! I think the discount is standard but...
  18. Tars

    Do any of you exhibit at Wedding Fayres?

    I am thinking of exhibiting myself and wondered if any of you do and if you get much business from it? I think I will just be promoting the spray tanning but if Jess wants to, we could promote the salon. (nails) Gonna call tomorrow and see if I'm able to have a stand and cost etc! Is it expensive?
  19. Tars

    Tanning Geeks, who tans you?

    As I am unable to spray tan myself, I am teaching my cousin (beauty trained!) to tan me! I did a demo on her mum last night and then let her loose on me this evening with me talking her through it, it's not looking too bad but might have a problem knee! I was wondering who tans you? Do you do it...
  20. Tars

    Anyone thinking of spray tanning and or training!

    Having only just started out myself I thought I'd share my experiences so far! Having chosen STCC to buy my kit from and do training with, I have nothing but good things to say about them! I did my training with Victoria (Victoria dp on here) and she was fab! I did pay to have one to one...