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  1. gellish76

    What's the best credit card reader for independent workers to use?

    Hi just trying to see what everyone uses for their credit card payments? There are so many companies to choose from so it can be confusing. I'm currently using "breadcrumb" buy not sure if I like it.
  2. gellish76

    What are the best companies to buy glitters from?

    Hi, just was curious where everyone gets their glitter from? I'm looking to make my gel manicures pop!! I want different shaped glitter not just fine powder glitter. Please post website and pics of what you use. Thanks 👍👍
  3. gellish76

    I need your opinions!!! please take a look.

    Hello geeks... Im writing here because I dont know what to do! I have a lady who does hair in the salon I work in, She has had me do her nails before but she is a picker (I think) because like a week later she has the nails i did off and others put on,,, then like another week later she wont...
  4. gellish76

    Need some answers on UV Polish Top Coat

    Hello friends.... I have looked all over here and cant seem to find a topic to answer my questions :( I wanna try a normal Uv polish top coat that goes over normal polish not the gel polish top coats that are out. How do you use this over nail polish and does it speed up drying time and does it...
  5. gellish76

    White patches with Gelish.

    Hi friends.... Just wanted to see if any of y'all are having this issue. I love gelish and it results and so do my clients! The thing I'm wanting to know is, alot of my clients who do gelish every 2 weeks on a regular seem to be getting white spots from I am assuming acetone removal? Is there...
  6. gellish76

    Sanitizing product?

    Hello friends, just wanted to get some opinions on which sanitizing solution is they best to put implements in?
  7. gellish76

    What is the best Gel to use in very DRY climate?

    Need some suggestions, have used Brisa but seems to lift here in Colorado?
  8. gellish76

    Help!! Gelish polish fade?

  9. gellish76

    What is the best soak off GEL for a begginer?

    Hello friends.... just wanted some input on this as I was gonna use bio scult gel but to order from them you have to order starter kit. I only want the essentials basically. Not a whole kit of things I may not use.:idea:
  10. gellish76

    HELP.. I need Name Suggestions.

    I am starting my own mobile spa business and need to come up with a name. Im in Colorado, USA.
  11. gellish76

    What is the Best way to remove Gel polishes? Shellac or Gellish?

    Right now I have been soaking in acetone for 10 minutes, I have seen the foil and cotton ball method on videos. Is there a place to buy the small foil squares? i haven't seen them in any supply house. Well please share methods of how you like to remove gel polish and which brand you use...
  12. gellish76

    Looking into starting a mobile nail service business

    Hello fellow nail geeks..... I have had the worse things at work happen last week. I am a self contractor at a upscale country club spa. I preform natural nail service on members and make 65% commission for the last 2 1/2 years that I have worked there, until now. My original boss was fired and...