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  1. calliecoedavis

    Damaged hair but can’t figure out the cause

    I recently gained this hair client. When she came to me her hair was damaged in the bang area. I have her olaplex fo take home and when I colored her hair it was soft and not this noticeable. She came in last week and told me that we had got to do something to help it. I told her to stop using...
  2. calliecoedavis

    Hair dryers

    What is your favorite hair dryer? I'm looking for a new one. I want one that is light weight, fast blowing and dries hair super fast! (I really want a miracle dryer I think. Lol) I currently have a Babybliss V2 Volare and I'm looking from something not Babybliss. I've had 4 of their tools just...
  3. calliecoedavis

    So many color formulas going through my mind!

    Please help! Everyone is bringing this picture in our salon. I prefer the babylight trend, but whatever. I'm having so many color formulas go through my mind right now! I see violet, a little ash, brown and of course red! But u want your opinion on the formula! Please help with these...
  4. calliecoedavis

    Marsala color in Wella?

    Does anyone have their favorite formula in Wella that they use for the color Marsala?
  5. calliecoedavis

    Achieving this red brown

    Can anyone give me an idea on how to get this on a level 8 blonde? Please and thank you!
  6. calliecoedavis

    I'm flabbergasted, how?

    How are these beautiful ashes achieved? I know this salon uses Wella too. I've tried and tried. I'll hit and miss. Help!
  7. calliecoedavis

    Resources, books, any of you geeks up for tutoring?! Lol

    Okay, so you guys in the UK just blow my mind. I tell you all the time how wonderful y'all are with color. I always search and read on here, but I was wondering, do you know of any material I can read/watch? I am going to call Wella and see if they have anything to send me. I know more than most...
  8. calliecoedavis

    Beige, blonde, ash? Am I color blind?

    Can you please tell me what color these root are? And I'm wondering how you would lift to these because when lifting you will get warmth... Help geeks!!!
  9. calliecoedavis

    Sweeteners as a mix-in for scalp

    I did a search and didn't see where anyone mentions this, but did you know you can add artificial sweetener (here in US we have Sweet'N Low) to your formula and it will help with the irritation of the high volumes of ammonia and peroxide?i assisted a celebrity colorist in LA, California by the...
  10. calliecoedavis

    I need this orange gone, SOS!

    This is my reverse ombré client posted a few days ago, asking about going "blonder" well, we haven't gone blonder, I just need to get these level 7 orange/use to be red funky chunks out. Remember she has some damaged hair, her first stylist murders hair!
  11. calliecoedavis

    Need "blonder" advice! Pic

    What she wanted on left and what I did on right. She had red chucks (yuck) in the front and bottom was red. Well my problem is I can't get the orange leftover from the red out! I foiled it 2x with 20 vol, but her previous hair stylist has damaged her severely, so I was scared to leave it in too...
  12. calliecoedavis

    Wella Champagne Blonde Formula

    I have a client that's wanting to do a champagne ombré like the picture below. I know how to do the ombré, I just need help on a champagne colored blonde in Wella. My client is heavily highlighted to an aLmost platinum blonde.