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  1. NailSpa

    1st day

    Hi guys and gals , well today was my first day of foundation creative . My tutor is fab , shes has an excellent teaching style and shes very talented. We had a go at smile lines today and omg they were so bloody hard but i think im picking them up slowly , perfect makes practice hehe. Any...
  2. NailSpa

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Excitement !!!!

  3. NailSpa

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Excitement !!!!

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    Hey all ! just finished my st tropez cosmetic tanning today. Was a really enjoyable day with lots of product info. Got my Badge and cert. Anyone who is thinking about st tropez should defo do it. xxxxx
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    Creative Kit

    As all of you know i off to do the foundation creative L&P , what wil be waiting in my kit for me , does anyone know ???
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    Creative Foundation Course Booked !!!!!!

    WOOOOOOOOO gals and boiz i have booked my creative nail foundation course in acrylics ! cant wait looking so forward to it , any advice for me??? :green: :lol: :idea:
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    Ohhhhh Confusion

    Lol yes its confusion that one has ! at the mo im training as a beauty therapist and LURVE IT ! and i really wanna do a nail course with creative - especially in acrylics OR do i do an NVQ in nail services. mmmmmm some one please help me ? thanks guys xxx
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    I love beauty

    Ok sounds strange i know but im puting this random up to say how much i love beauty , its great , its fun , its soooo me lol. Does any one else sometimes get this feeling of being dead proud to be working in the beauty industry ?? :green:
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    Hi ya my lovly gals and boiz , quick Q ? Can anyone give me a good idea of what products to use for natural nails ? manicure , pedicure Jessica Zen , Ez Flow , Creative Spa ? Which one is the best to use ? Love moi xxxxxx:green:
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    Im bk !

  11. NailSpa

    Im bk !

    Hey gals and boiz nailspa has returnd lol , i have been flying for 6 months as cabin crew and have decided to embark on beauty therapy in september. So this is just hey guys message and bk to learn more from u lovly peeps - hehehehe Loads of hugs and kisses Stef xxx:green:
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    Its a whole new world

  13. NailSpa

    yay go me

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    1st day at work

    It was great the smell of polish , the buzz of people and not to mention the helium baloons lol , it was new york city nails special offer day thingy yesterday and it was so kewl . Went through all my manicures etc and got training in watford next wednesday at OPI HQ. I am so glad i have made a...
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    OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT ? I have been givena trial out day for O.P.I. nails , i cant beelive it , they want to c my manicure and how i am , and i am doing acrylics in jan so i can then offer extentions , its for a part time vacancy as i am at college , its a concept salon with in a department store...
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    Welllllll hey guys beena few weeks now that i have been on here but just to say that following my spa elements course from manicure and pedicure i am doing my acrylics in jan. CANT WAIT its with jes from EZ FLOW , and lets also give EZ flow a big wet kisss - lol sounds strange i know I AM...
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    yay go me

    Well thanks to AKA sparkle pink i completed and passed the ez flow manicure and pedicure course , it was fun , interesting and really informative. I learnt alot it was fab. My model enjoyed it alot and i just drank hazle nut coffee lol , thanks sparkle. I am now embarking on the journey of the...
  19. NailSpa

    Any 1 else attending

    hey my lovly geekilings , anyone attending the associate nails course foundation 4 week training in croydon on november the 5th ? Thanks peeps stef x :green:
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    Help With Pic

    Hi all i wanna put a pic of me on my profile and when i make new threads , how do i do it , i try to upload a pic but it says image now valid ? any IT experts lol xXx:green: