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  1. heidcharlottehair

    Non-medic aesthetic course recommendations?

    I am currently looking at training in Dermal Fillers but am struggling to find a reputable company to train with. I am trained in L2 & 3 Beauty Therapy and Microblading. Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with aesthetic training companies that they could share with me? I want to ensure...
  2. heidcharlottehair

    Salon part time role Winchester

    Hi, I am looking for part time work to assist me with my studies in a salon as a receptionist, hair extension technician or am happy to practice treatments once my training is complete. I am qualified in micro beads, nano beads and celebrity LA weft and am currently studying Level 2 and Level 3...
  3. heidcharlottehair

    Hair extension supplier help

    Hi hair girlies, I currently do micro beads, nano beads and LA weft. I am really struggling to find a supplier that offers good quality hair at a good price (I also have clients that want 20-22inch and notice some suppliers only stock 18 inch. A lot of my clients see it as very expensive which...