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  1. Unique.Tips

    Fingerprint nails

    Hello my geeks! Just wanted to share a design technique that my clients are DYING over this fall. I like to call it "branding" but essentially it is a fingerprint. I've done this in subtle metallic and a stark black. Very sexy looks either way. You can do it in SO MANY ways. Application is as...
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    Fingerprint nails

  3. Unique.Tips

    Minx set up

    I am in the process of creating my own salon space and was curious how some of you ladies have your set up for doing minx. Is there a separate chair/table? Mine is currently attached to my manicure table but I was interested in creating a separate space for it. pictures are welcome! Thank you!
  4. Unique.Tips

    Minx & Brisa Lite

    I usually use two top coats of shellac over my minx to help add to longevity. So I was curious if you could or should do this with any of the Brisa Lite products. Top coat? Smoothing gel? Sculpting gel? One coat or two?
  5. Unique.Tips

    Sharpie & Shellac?

    Has anyone tried this with Shellac? Is it recommended?
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    Shellac change in consistency?

    Has any one else noticed that Iced Cappuccino and Red Baroness both have become as thin as the other colors and less difficult to work with? Layering with these colors now are AMAZING bc putting them on top alters the colors better now then before. This was just a quick observation and I was...
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    Even Additive application?

    Just curious if anyone had any tips on how to make sure the additives are not patchy looking when layered over Shellac. Thanks!
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    Need CND nail pro in Italy in two weeks!

    My client will be traveling in Italy for the next three weeks and will be needing her nails redone while she is over there. We use Shellac. She likes a French topped with Beau. Anyone in Florence or Sienna she said. Send me contact info!
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    What type of resin with crystals?

    Do you use building resin or brush on resin to apply swarovski crystals? And what brand do you prefer?
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    Charging for designs

    If you were creating nails such as these for a photo shoot directed by a local publication, how much would you charge? Any advice is welcomed! Thanks ;)
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    Can you use metal forms in UV nail lamps?

    Can you use metal forms in UV nail lamps? I had some and was curious if I should try them.
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    What keeps you interested?

    I just wanted to say how much I love my job. Never in 1 million years would I've ever thought I would be this into something that I made money off. It doesn't even feel like a job. My favorite thing about doing nails is the end result. A client saying, "You just made my day!!" minutes after...
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    Inexpensive nail table

    Any ideas on how to construct one inexpensively?
  14. Unique.Tips

    Dashing Diva Design FX

    Hello! I just purchased two packs of these appliques and couldn't wait to put one nail on each hand over my existing shellac. :) and I love it! So I was curious if anyone had any tips n tricks for making these last the advertised 2 weeks with gel polish and one week on natural. I've read the...
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    What is this brand of gel polish?

    Hello! I had a client come in today who is pretty regular considering she lives an hour away from the salon I work from. She has been getting Shellac from me for awhile now but on the occasion she has had to cancel, she will get polished at her friends shop down the street from her house. At...
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    Pigments & Shellac

    Hello all! I know the additives have been discussed in depth on this forum, but I was curious. I purchased a set of pigments from Pearl FX to do ombre nails for a hair show and was wondering if these can be used in the same way as the additives during a Shellac service. I have mixed some of the...
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    Dashing Diva Design FX

    Hello geeks! My supply house is going to begin carrying dashing diva soon and I'm hoping it will be the design fx due to it's similarity to Minx. I looked thru the Dashing Diva group as well as visited the pro site and have not seen a pricing recommendation for this service with the soak off...
  18. Unique.Tips

    Gelish structure and stones

    Was curious if any of you geeks have used gelish structure alone to do Swarovski crystal mani/pedis. And if so, is the top it off top sealer required? Thanks!
  19. Unique.Tips

    Turquoise Shellac

    This color was created by layering cityscape + Hotski Tchotchke + Romantique all in one coat each. In person it resembles a piece of real turquoise or light jade jewelry. GORGEOUS! My new fave so I HAD to share. :)
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    U.S. Konad distributor

    Where are u US geeks getting your Konad supplies?