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  1. babychops

    Mobile hairdressers taking baby with them?

    Hi geeks, I’m just wondering if there are any mobile hairdressers on here that take they’re children with them? I have 2 children and never took them to work with me as I didn’t want the stress and the worry. They are both in pre school and nursery now and we are going to start trying for baby...
  2. babychops

    Ppd in purple shampoos?

    I have a client who is allergic to ppd in hair colours. Is she safe using purple shampoos? Osmo super silver specifically. I can’t seem to find any information on it?
  3. babychops

    Hair growth vitamins, are they worth it?

    Hi geeks, I'm wondering what everyone's opinions on hair growth vitamins are? Are they really any better than a multivitamin or pre natal vitamin? Or is it better to just buy a biotin vitamin? I have cut my hair off and slightly regretting it now, I do it all the time! And just wondering if I...
  4. babychops

    Using pre bonded extensions to hide fringe?

    Hi everyone, not sure where to post this so I'll do it here. Basically I would like to grow out my full fringe but I'm so impatient and cut them back in when I get fed up! Im just wondering if there is a way to hide them completely using Pre bonded extensions? I do extensions myself and have...
  5. babychops

    Daughter's hair is driving me mad!

    My daughter is 19 months and she has lovely hair! The only problem is, is it falls in front of her face. I cut her a fringe in but all the hair from the back falls forward! Everyone keeps saying to cut it into the fringe but then she will end up having a fringe from her crown! I keep putting it...
  6. babychops

    Anxiety and gluten free

    I just wanted to write a post on here about my change in diet and anxiety because I know a lot of people on here suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and wanted to share my results. The reason I went gluten free is because I found out I have hashimotos (an autoimmune disease) and from doing a...
  7. babychops

    Dog passed away this morning at home

    I wrote a post not long ago about my dads dog needing scans and surgery but he couldn't afford it as he wasn't insurance. We had good news after that as the vet said he had recovered really well from rest and medication. Well he died suddenly this morning :-( he had a cough for a while but again...
  8. babychops

    I can't decide so need opinions, to chop or not to chop?

    So I haven't had a complete restyle for a long time as I have been growing my hair. But I'm really bored and fancy something difference. I'll put a pic of my hair up atm and what I like. I'd like some honest opinions on what you think please.... I love this cut, I would obviously need to try...
  9. babychops

    Finding a holistic or naturopath doctor?

    I'm asking on here on the off chance somebody can help me, I am in need of a holistic or naturopathic doctor in my are but I'm not having any luck. I'm not sure where to look! I'm in Colchester Essex
  10. babychops

    New Osmo super silver, no yellow shampoo

    Has anyone tried it? It's brilliant! I left it on for 2-3 minutes and it's taken a lot of the brass out so god knows what it would do if I left it on a lot longer! I'm very impressed!
  11. babychops

    Gluten free recipes?

    Due to a recent diagnosis I have to change my diet and go gluten free. Does anyone have any recipes or ideas on what to eat? As I'm lost lol x
  12. babychops

    Crazy Colour lavender fading to green?

    Hi geeks, just a quick question. I bought some crazy colour lavender the other day that was recommended to me as I want to add some colour to the ends of my hair (bleached hair) but I have just been reading how they fade to green/blue. Is this true? It's put me off now as I really don't want...
  13. babychops

    Can't afford surgery dog needs!

    We have just found out my dad's 10 year old dog has a slipped disc and will need an MRI and surgery. My dad can't afford this and neither can we because he's not insured :-( my grandmother has been looking after him for a while as my dad is in and out of hospital atm. He has 2 weeks of pain...
  14. babychops

    Positive thyroid antibodies and conceiving?

    I wrote a post on here a while ago about how I developed hyperthyroidism after having a baby. Then I switched to hypothyroidism. Anyway my levels are normal now but I recently spoke to a consultant who said that I have positive antibodies (that I had before pregnancy) which means that my thyroid...
  15. babychops

    Husband has rash on stomach, can anyone tell what it is by picture?

    Hi geeks, my husband has a rash on his stomach and we're not sure what it is. He's had it in the past as well. He says he hurts a little to touch but not much. Can anyone tell by this picture what it could be? I was wondering if it could be shingles?
  16. babychops

    What medications can have reactions with perm lotion?

    Hi geeks, does anyone know where I can find a list of medications that can have reactions with perm lotions? I have a client that is on a new medication (co-careldopa. To treat Parkinson's) and I want to check that this medication won't effect her perm? X
  17. babychops

    What are these small red dots that are appearing?

    Hi geeks, I have come over from the hair side looking for a bit of advise on my skin. I have started noticing these tiny blood red dots appearing on my boobs and stomach. I have no idea what they are or what causes them? Does anyone know?
  18. babychops

    Little hole in my nail?

    Hi geeks, I have popped over from the hair forum to see if anyone can help me. I had gel put on my nails a few weeks ago, they lasted 2 days before they all fell off! Wasn't very happy but anyway, ever since I have noticed that my thumb nail is very soft near the cuticle, I have also noticed...
  19. babychops

    Advice on best treatment for my hair please?!

    I would like some suggestions for a very intense treatment for my hair. I have bleached hair all over and it's very dry and brittle. I have been using a lot of products to try and repair it but they are not touching it! Iv been using coconut oil treatments, redken antisnap, bed head shampoos and...
  20. babychops

    How has everyone been? Random post!

    I haven't really been on here for so long after having my little girl, and as I don't really do a lot of hairdressing now I feel as if I can't give much advice. Unfortunately I don't think I can go back to my hairdressing until I finish having all my children and they are in school! I started...