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    1st Pamper Party and......

    Hiya, So i have a group of girls that have booked a pamper party. There is 6 of them. They think they all want file and polish on both fingers and toes!!! How much would i charge that?? One of them is a close friend so may do a discount for the group!! =) Another girl thinks she has...
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    Damaged Nails

    Hiya, So I have a lady for Pedicures and she has acrylics(I think) on at the mo, she has had them on for years at a cheap not very nice place. She has decided that she wants them to be natural for a while, so when she has them taken off and then comes to me, what treatments or anything do...
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    How often??

    Hiya, Well as you no I did my 1st pedicure the other day and it was sooo good!! Now i have a last minute one later tonight - a neighbour! I was just wondering how often you recommend a pedi in the summer months etc??! Thanks x x
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    1st Pedicure!

    Well tomorrow I have my 1st pedicure since my training!! Done lots of manicures as all my mates etc want them! Its only on a friend, hehehe, but I do hope it goes well!! I am well excited! =) I will let you know how it goes!! x x
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    Eye Lash Tint and Perm

    Hi there. I am booked on to a course on lash tint and perm, and am really keen to do it........ then a mate of mine said how she hates doing them and they are really hard! I was just wanting some opinions of others? Do you enjoy it?? Is it really really tricky?! Thanks in advance guys x
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    Older Clients

    Hi there everyone, What do you do for Paraffin wax on older clients? I was going to do a wax on a friends nan!! But she was very very sensitive but wanted the treatment. Can it be painted on when it hardens and is abit kinda like mush or ?! Thanks guys in advance!! =) Wax is sooooo...
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    What did I do wrong?!

    Hiya, Was just playing around and did a paraffin wax on my mate!! The wax hardened up within like 2 secs!! What did i do wrong? Not enough wax or or?? Thanks guys. x
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    Parrafin Wax

    Hi there guys!! Thanks for all being so welcoming!! Even though my post got moved - I must of put it in the wrong place!! Hehehe =) So I have passed my manicure and pedicure and loved the Parrafin Wax and so I cant wait to get trying it on my friends and family, so i get awesome at it...