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  1. Beautypea

    Elite waxing

    Can anyone give me and pros or cons of elite waxing training? There’s a local place to Derby I can do intimate wax training but it isn’t as in-depth as elite but they are more than double the cost. Is it worth the extra spend?
  2. Beautypea

    Navy pro tools

    Has anyone used the navy pro tools 3 step hygiene set? It looks like wipes rather than barbarcide just looking for some reviews x
  3. Beautypea

    Recommend a nail practice hand

    Hi all not sure if it’s the right terminology but I’m looking for a fake hand? to practice my nail painting application. I’m in my first term of level 2 beauty and I’ve used google but I’m not really sure which one to go for? TIA x
  4. Beautypea

    Derbyshire based training

    Can anyone recommend anybody/ any companies East Midlands based for beauty training e.g wax, nails, tan etc? I’ve had a look on google but looking for personal recommendations
  5. Beautypea

    Level 2 beauty

    Hello I’ve just got my level 2 beauty training sorted to start in September but got a question and thought this would be a good place to start. Once I’m level 2 qualified can I start working with insurance with what I’ve learned or do I need to wait until I’m level 3 qualified? Thanks Michelle