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  1. Kirsty Ramsey

    Using too much tan!

    Hi everyone, i bought the L.A. spray tan kit with the hvlp machine.... i am out a fortune doing spray tans as im using about 200mls per person!!!! i know this is wayyy to much ... has Anyone else has this issue with these machines? Xx
  2. Kirsty Ramsey

    Brow tint products!

    Can anyone help me with some brow tinting products that also tint the skin and last a bit longer? Im not trained in henna.. just 3d brows...thank u x
  3. Kirsty Ramsey

    Help, green tanning lotion!

    I ordered 1 litre of tantastic golden arrived this morning and when i opened the bottle it looks green!!!! Is this normal?? Thanks xxx
  4. Kirsty Ramsey

    Wax and tinting course

    Hi all, im booked in to do a course on Friday in brow waxing and tinting and lash tinting. For the theory u need an 80% pass rate. I have just been sent 19 pages of material about skin biology and everything else which im supposed to know by friday i assume! Has anyone done this course...
  5. Kirsty Ramsey

    New to this and need tanning advice!

    Hi everyone! So ive booked on to do a spray tanning course and was having a look at machines and solutions, but am no so confused at how u pick what machine!!! Please any advice would be so very much appreciated xxx
  6. Kirsty Ramsey

    Dip dye micro rings

    My sisters natural hair is already around 20" long and black , she wants new micros fitted with this style Do I just fit this as normal or would I need a pack or two of black to scatter about to break it up maybe ? Iv only fitted block colours so far ! Thanks in advance [emoji4]
  7. Kirsty Ramsey

    Help please, lifting dark hair colour!

    Can anyone tell me how I can lift nearly black hair to 1b colour ? I ordered new hair extensions and dyed my hair like normal before they came and it's black!!!! Now doesn't match I'm gutted !!!
  8. Kirsty Ramsey

    How to start hair extension business?

    I am trying to start up a hair extension business , but don't even know where to start !! There's a girl who does colour match and fitting on the same day and doesn't charge an awful lot but her work and hair is good !! I don't know how I would beat that and get any clients around here !!!
  9. Kirsty Ramsey

    Hair extensions help please!

    I have trained last month in fitting hair extensions, this was my second go at fitting hair for my sister in law . She supplied her own hair which was micro ring hair on the loop it came with 2 rings already attached. She only wanted 100 stands in , I would have preferred more! Could someone...
  10. Kirsty Ramsey

    Hair extension supplier

    Hi everyone , I'm just qualified in fitting hair extensions and am looking for a good supplier if anyone has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated