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  1. NailtechJoe

    Gelish hard gel availability in UK or alternative?

    Hi, I am trained in the use of hard gel for extension services and I have been using GHG for my services with very good results. What I have noticed is that nailharmonyuk has removed its GHG page completely - which I find it worrying as I still use this. Is nailharmonyuk the only official...
  2. NailtechJoe

    Tips from services performed?

    Hi geeks, I've been asking myself this question. If you get tipped for your work done in manicures (gels, extension, etc), say £2 to £5 - sometimes £10, is that a sign that they are happy with your work? What are your experiences? Cheers.
  3. NailtechJoe

    Gelish Fall collection 2017 Danced and Sang-ria vs Bellas Vampire

    Hi, For those of who are Gelish users and have both gel colours Danced and Sang-ria and Bellas Vampire. Does anyone notice any difference between the two? I sampled both colours and I can't really tell if there is a difference between the two.
  4. NailtechJoe

    My 2 cents on nail dust extractors

    Hi, Not long ago, I asked for other geeks recommendations on dust extractors for a small table. I do not endorse any company or work for any of them, this is my own research in dust extraction products available in the market and I was considering the following: The Ravair was featured in a...
  5. NailtechJoe

    Recommendations for desk dust extractor fan?

    Hi Geeks, I'd like some recommendations for a dust extractor fan. I only work with gels (hard and soft) so dust is the only thing I am concerned about so models with carbon activated filters are not needed. The desk I have is a small collapsible nail desk made for home nail techs (see...
  6. NailtechJoe

    Gel polish kits for the mass market - undermining the industry?

    Hi folks, I had a brief conversation with some friends today and I noticed that they had done their nails and asked them where they had it done. One of them said that she had them done by herself as she bought a gel polish home kit. I didn't ask where she got it but it does spark a question as...
  7. NailtechJoe

    Mobile technician - seeing a client who is a patient in a hospital

    Hi fellow geeks, It's the first time I have been asked to see a client who is a patient at the local infirmary. I don't know yet why the client is in hospital but has asked me to do a manicure and pedicure. Normally I see clients in a home setting who are conscious, intelligible and able to...
  8. NailtechJoe

    Archangel nail design

    I made a video on how I create an archangel with some nail art techniques like one stroke for the wings (armour, wings and sword) on a nail extension. I attach a link to the photo and a speed play video on how it was made. Camera angle isn't the best in some areas but had good feedback so far...