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    when your too ill to work what do you do

    Hi everyone I work by myself at my salon which is doing fine, I have had to come home today as I was feeling a bit dizzy. I cancelled as many appointments as I could, Put a note outside the shop and left a message on my answer machine. Are their any option instead of closing the shop...
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    Thinking of selling up!

    Hi Good for you on making the decision. I am a single parent and run my own salon and I some times feel like giving up but if you have the support of every one around you then you will be fine. Here are just a few ideas for selling you'r business Ebay - Its Cheap and world wide...
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    What Happens When you Have A Baby??

    Hi I just wanted to say congratulations on you'r happy news. Angela:hug:
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    my son was arrested

    Hi I am really sorry to hear what you and you'r son is going through. I have read some of your emails and the one when he went missing. How old is he if you don't mind me asking. I know with a lot of children and we have a lot of them in my family, they start to change in high school...
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    Infills and rebalances?

    Hi I remember When I did not have a clue and like you thought that they both ment the same. So do not worry, I am sure their are many other people that thought this two. :hug: Angela
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    Self Employed? How much do you pay for your room

    Good evening Every one, If you are a self employed beauty therapist or nail tecnician and you rent a room, how much do you pay. What do you think is a reasonable price to pay? I would like to get it right and be fair ,for when I start renting rooms out. Thank you Angela:hug:
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    Is there an afterlife?

    When I was 18 I had a friend the same age who died in a car accident he was male. We had dated nothing serious just at high school. we still remained friends and often bumped in to each other. I was also friends with his sister The same night as the funeral. As I was asleep he came down...
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    £ For Renting Rooms To Other Therapists

    I would be greatful for any advice or help on this matter. I am thinking of renting a large 5 bedroom house, I am only intrestead in waxing so I am hoping to let some of the other rooms out. Maybe to a Beauty Therapist, Nail Technician, Alternative Therapies etc. How do you decided the...
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    I specialise in brazillian waxing and would certanily not judge you when you walked through the door. If the therapist is professional she will only be intreasted in the area that is being waxed, a true brazillian needs concentration to be perfect. I provide clients with underwear im not...
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    What have you had to put up with from neighbours

    How cruel is that, I have noticed as people age some do tend to turn nasty. The people next door put a large fence up when we moved in. I thought great I dont want to look at you either. I like to sunbath in peace.
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    What have you had to put up with from neighbours

    We moved to a lovely area about three years ago. Having come from quite a high crime deprived area. Which i have no problems with I had lived their since I was 8. Oh my god my new neighbours are worse than the ones we used to have. She has a lovely house and a nice car oh my god can she...
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    I need great big posters of muscles and bones in the body!

    If you have a staples office supplies they use to have them their. Im not sure how much they are now but they are very large ones. Hope this helps and you don't have to order them you can just pick it up from th e store:lol:
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    Ingrown hairs after waxing

    hi yes sorry its not for vaginal thrush, but for piles and pimples etc so you can put it on the area if its safe to put on ur bum it must be safe to put on ur bikini area although i put it all over my bikini area my skin is absolutley fine with it but might not be the case for someone with...
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    Ingrown hairs after waxing

    yes its an ointment and it states on the tube u can also use it for anal itching, i was amazed when i came across it i was like tcp oh my god but when iv used it its amazing i have only seen it in one location in dewsbury but cant get it any were else. i put it straight on my skin after being...
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    Ingrown hairs after waxing

    Hi i use a tcp antiseptic ointment might sound extreme but the next day theyv gone i find i put this on straight after been wax and my skin is fantastic the next day,although the tcp ointment is hard to find iv managed to find a place that does it, its used to treat vaginal thrush so its safe...
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    Win a Purex Nail Station!!

    iv just entered thank you
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    Asian Wedding make-up

    Thanks that would be great even if it something i dont do on clients i still would like to have a go at it , i might get some of the mags
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    Sarahs' Law or Electronic Tagging

    For theese people who do such horrid things have mental health problems and no prison would change that for them. they will probably come straight out and given a chance or an opportunity would do the same thing all over again. What do you do with people who do this im not sure but they should...
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    Can you be good at both????

    For me i found i was better at the beauty side so i gave up nails completly i do regret this because i love nails but i didnt have the patients and also thought i wasnt very good at them. but iv decided to get back in to it as i feel im more educated now and i think i have an understanding of...
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    Everyone is depressed!

    Although im not a lover of sunbeds they are also ment to help with SAD symptons. maybe just 3 mins every couple of days would help. Light boxs are expensive but i think you used to be able to lease them of the NHS if your doct felt it was going to benefit you, im not sure if they still do that.