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  1. vickybio

    Crystalac - help!

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have tried crystal nails gel polish crystalac? And if so l, what are your thoughts on it? How long did it last.. Etc. Thank you in advance lovelies xx
  2. vickybio

    Crystalac 3 step

    Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely Easter! Was just after a few opinions.. I was thinking of introducing a gel polish range and was looking at crystalac 3 step. Do any of you have any experience with this product or reviews? Thank you in advance Xx
  3. vickybio

    Brisa Lite vs Bio Sculpture?

    hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice and shine some light on this for me! I have been using bio for the last 8 years but just recently I am having more problems with chipping and lifting. also the price to buy the products is getting silly. I've been looking in to...
  4. vickybio

    Bio Sculpture overlays

    Hey ladies :) i have been using bio sculpture for quite a while and never really had any probelms. but just recently a lot of my regular clients have been ringing me with lifting and peeling issues before there infills are due. my lamp lights are changed regularly and i am very thorough with...