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  1. jlo nails

    Urgent-Shellac aftercare

    Hi everyone......can any of you lovely geeks help me out....I can't find my copy of shellac aftercare in my files on my phone and I've run out and I've got a new client tonight...would anyone be kind enough to email me one my email is be really grateful......:Love:
  2. jlo nails

    New group

    How do we set up a group for mega mix ?????????
  3. jlo nails

    IBD Just Gel polish

    Hi everyone. I want to offer another service along side shellac and I'm interested in trying ibd just gel, my problem is I can't see anywhere to register or even order on the ibd website...can anyone point me in the right direction or advise on where I can purchase it please....thank you
  4. jlo nails


    I have been playing around with the new pink neon powder. Two of my fingers I used clearly pink then the powder then top coat. The other two I used top coat then the powder and top coat and I have two completely different colours.can anyone shed any light on the reason why this might be....thank...
  5. jlo nails

    Who's staying up tonight to purchase the new Paradise collection

    I am but think I might need a little nap before hand lol :biggrin:
  6. jlo nails

    Irresistible Glitter and Additives

    Hi ladies. Firstly apologies if this has been asked before but can you mix irresistible glitters in with additives? I know the new twinkles are out from sweetsquared but I can't afford them at the moment and just wondered if I could make a similar effect that way.
  7. jlo nails

    Anyone else doing "Stop-tober"?

    Hi everyone I just wondered if anyone else is going to do stoptober and giving up the bad habit, thought it would be a good idea if we could all support each other.. Good luck to any of you that are. X
  8. jlo nails

    New York trip ideas

    Hi fiancé has bought me a trip to New York for my 40th birthday which I am so excited about but I just wondered if any of you lovely ladies have been and have any tips or ideas to share, apart from the obvious like shopping:) and the Empire State, statue of liberty etc....xx
  9. jlo nails

    Not well and new client coming

    Hi girls I wondered if any of you have been in my situation at the moment and what you did or what you would do. I have been awake since12 last night with a pain in my chest, anyway I have been to the doctors and I have a virus called costochondritis which basically is inflammation of the...
  10. jlo nails

    Idiot - Gellux

    I can't believe what I have just done......I forgot to put the base coat on before my gellux colour....what a plonker I did the fast bond then went on to the colour I am so kicking myself....I just rang my client to warn her and she was fine about it....can anyone tell me what the repercussions...
  11. jlo nails

    Need some ideas

    Hi Everyone. I have a client who loves shellac blackpool...she has asked if she can have blackpool with some kind of pink and im struggling for ideas and wondered if any of you lovely ladies could help me at all...would love to hear your thoughts.. Thanks ladies:biggrin:
  12. jlo nails

    New client...first Shellac French...nervous

    Hi all i have been doing shellac for a year now and never been asked for french until now....i have a new client today and although i know her from my sons school i am really so worried i will be that nervous i wont be able to get my smiles right. I know i can do it and even did my...
  13. jlo nails

    New shellac colours

    Hi i right in thinking the new colours have'nt been launched in the uk yet as i have just seen them to buy on ebay???
  14. jlo nails

    Finally finished

    Hi guys After endless nights of dreaming about the dreaded number 13 nail i have finally finished my E.N gel course......Not sure it's gonna pass because im to critical of my own work, but surely they must take into account that you have been working on a plastic hand and the only guidance is...
  15. jlo nails

    Bubbles under my tips

    Hi All Can anyone help me PLEASE.. I am new to the nail industry and i am currently doing a Essential nails gel course, but i am really really struggling as i just dont seem to be able to get my tips on without air bubbles. I have done al the techniques that they tell you to do and i am still...