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    Home business

    You need a strong clientele before you do something like this, to make sure the seats are always taken x
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    Hair extension business name, any suggestions!

    First things first you want to create a brand for yourself. Marc Jacobs is the name of the fashion brand and the creator, I know that if you didn't add hair extensions onto your business name then people wouldn't know what your purpose is. But I think you should look out of the box at names...
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    Best hairdryer please

    By far GHD air, it is superior and sleek. I have had mine for 4 years now and it works perfectly. Only thing is when used constantly and shared around a salon they tend to last 6-9 months but for own use on clients it will last you well.
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    Apprenticeship in London

    Try RUSH Hair UK, they offer to do it in 12 months where as the others put you in horrible contracts and don't actually train the apprentices for months sometimes years. And can be a 5 year scheme.
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    Can’t get Matrix colour charts, not even old ones for reference

    I really wanted you to find one, I found this.
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    Can’t get Matrix colour charts, not even old ones for reference Hi Claire sorry you can't get one, thats not good of them to not allow people with smaller orders to buy one. You could bid for that or go to...
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    Where to buy Afro hair extensions

    House of Hair UK specialises in kinky textures in i-tips & weft hair for weaves.
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    Apprenticeships for people over 24

    Chain salons are more inclined to offer this rather than privately owned. I know Rush Hair offers it up to any age.
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    Best shampoo, etc. for hair extensions?

    That's the sulphate that eats away at the bonds, the silicone puts a layer on top of the hair actually making it appear as strong and healthy x
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    Best shampoo, etc. for hair extensions?

    As crazy as it sounds, I think one of the best shampoos for extensions is ones with silicones to actually coat the extensions and keep them looking healthy for longer although I think the complete opposite for natural hair without extensions and dyed/toned hair.
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    Charging hourly for mobile hairdressing?

    Hmm I am not sure that is a good idea, in my area which hosts quite affluent clientele. They strictly use mobile because its cheaper and they would rather spend their money on other things & convenience of not having to sit in a salon for hours and travel. I think the beauty of mobile...
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    How to showcase hair for social media

    Brick walls with a ring light work well
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    Neutralising highlift tint

    Po1 lifts the natural hair so it probably lifted her root colour and made it really warm whilst toning the highlights. I would of opted for a 9.02 or a 10.12.
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    Salon ruined client’s hair extensions

    Screenshot the images it will lower the resolution so we can see them, or upload to x It is outrageous, they should replace the entire set she paid for
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    Hair extensions too expensive

    Avoid the indian range in euphoria, it matts up and just isn't what you want.
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    Hair extensions too expensive

    No privately owned salons really use easilocks, beautyworks or balmain because they are ridiculous in price and easilocks especially goes really dry, its also 0.8 in grams so you need way more hair than other hair providers listed above. It's not economical using them big brands as they are...
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    Hair extension supplier, i-tip

    Currently trialling the Indian 4a & 5a range out now, only one wash in so far. I personally do not like indian hair so I am intrigued how long it will last. I would say that any European hair I use, doesn't matte up. I think indian has is more similar to a clients hair than any other hair type...
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    Nano rings, first client

    Omg this is brilliant! you just proved practise makes perfection. So proud to see this!!!! It is like the most satisfying thing for a extensionist to see such well done sections and application.
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    Real hair clip on pony tail

    Yeah Bellami "It's A Wrap Human Ponytail" x
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    LA Weave

    Thats ok xx