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    Custom shampoo & conditioner

    Does anyone find Options LTD quite old and dated? I see everyone has it for their mobile extension businesses. I am looking for something more unique and opulent. Anyone have any ideas of where to private label shampoo like options ltd? I think having your own product range is great, but...
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    GHD stockist

    Hi guys, When buying GHD's as a stockist, how much is the price before retail the stockist buys them at? Does anyone know?
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    Why do extension companies need proof for trade accounts?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering why extension brands require you to be hairdressing certified / qualified before you're entitled to a trade account? I have a friend who is a mobile hairdresser but because she does not work in a salon she is struggling to get a trade account..
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    Client wants grey hair but has yellow hair

    Hi guys I've been doing colour since I was 17 and have a excellent knowledge but theres one thing that a lot of clients want and thats grey hair when they have a yellow 8/9 base to start with. My client wants to go dark grey, but from previous experience grey on yellow hair just makes it go...