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  1. divalou

    Self assessment spreadsheet templates?

    Hello!! The time for Self Assessment is approaching and I'm going to do it myself again this year. Last year was a bit of a ball ache so was wondering if there are any template spreadsheets for it anywhere?? Thanks Lou xx
  2. divalou

    Blogs - looking for guest bloggers

    Hello Geeks! I'm looking for some Guest Bloggers, Interviewees or Experts to feature on my blog. My blog is mostly about the trials and tribulations of being Self Employed. So if you have a story or expertise relating to that, maybe we can do some blog post loving? I'd be particularly...
  3. divalou

    New blog post!

    Hey! Not sure if I'm allowed to do this on here but wanted to let you know I've got a blog up with some new posts. You can check it out here: girlbehindthescissors | My life as a mobile hair stylist an entrepreneur and newbie roller derby girl! Click the 'follow' button if you want your...
  4. divalou

    Best hair straighteners advice!

    Hello Geeks! My old old FHI straighteners have literally fallen apart after many years of abuse! So I need some new ones ASAP, but want some opinions on the best ones to get. Probably not GHD as I am not a GHD supplier. I haven't bought a pair for about 4 years so completely out of touch...
  5. divalou

    Keratin U-Tip vs Micro Ring/loop - which causes less damage?

    I have been applying pre bonds for years, and whilst they are really good and I use quality hair and proper removal systems, I cannot escape the fact that they do cause damage. Breakage does occur no matter how well looked after and careful removed they are. Hair can be left feeling slightly...
  6. divalou

    Blog for mobile hairdressers

    Hi Guys, I've started a blog about my life as a mobile hairdresser. I'd love it if you'd come and have a look and maybe subscribe. girlbehindthescissors | My life as a mobile hair stylist an entreprenure and newbie roller derby girl! I hope I don't get told off for that! Has anyone...
  7. divalou

    Blog for mobile hairdressers

  8. divalou

    Mobile hairdressing research. Please help!

    Hi Guys, Could you please spare 5 mins to fill out this short survey I have created? I'm researching the careers of mobile hairdressers - what we love and hate - and would really appreciate your input. Also, if the survey doesn't make any sense to you, please let me know. Anything you...
  9. divalou

    Alternative to Goldwell Elumen - vibrant red

    Hi guys, My client currently has the goldwell Elumen red but I can't get hold of it as I'm mobile. Can anyone recommend a good alternative? I would normally pre-lighten & then re-colour with a semi crazy colour red. But these fade like a mo-fo. So any other ideas? The least damage possible...
  10. divalou

    Xmas gifts for clients

    Hi guys, I normally give my clients a £5 voucher at Xmas but think I wanna try something different. Have you got any ideas for cheap things I could buy in bulk as a gift?? I'm a hairdresser but don't necessarily want to give hair products. Thanks Lou xx
  11. divalou

    Gent's hair colour - how to get ash/flat colour

    Hey! I colour my bf's mate's hair as he's starting to go grey, but the colour I put on last time has a lot of warmth (ginger) in, even though I used 7/1 ash. What colour can I use to get that flat/ash colour that will look natural on men's hair? Thanks Lou
  12. divalou

    How to achieve Vibrant True Purple?

    Hi guys; Can you recommend the product to used to achieve this kind of purple? I've used Indola C77 in the past but they've discontinued it and everything else I use has too much of a red tone. Thanks!
  13. divalou

    Go-To products & tips for hair ups

    Hi Guys Just wondering what your go-to products for hair ups are as sometimes I find my hair ups are either not "secure" enough, or that they can end up looking a bit over done & too hairsprayed! Also, do you all use heated rollers most of the time? Thanks Lou xx
  14. divalou

    Make Up Courses

    Hi!! Can anyone recommend a GOOD make up course, I'm worried about booking without recommendations because I have done a couple of hair courses before which have been total pants. So a recommendation would be great, thanks!! Lou
  15. divalou

    Make Up Courses

    Hellloooo! I'm looking for a decent make up course. Can anyone recommend one? I am a beginner and don't have a kit. I want to move on from Bridal/Special Occasion to more Avant-garde/Fashion make up eventually. So any tips would be great. Thanks!! x
  16. divalou

    Root Perm / lift technique

    Hi guys! My client is after a root lift perm but i have never done one! Can anyone tell me the technique for it and which products to use please? Thanks lou xxx
  17. divalou

    Best perm technique for long hair

    Hi guys Ive got a perm in on monday and its on long hair - first for a long time! - and she wants kind of loose beachy curls. What do you guys think would be the best technique to use? What size rods - do you think grey and black would be tight enough? Also, do you recommend...
  18. divalou

    Good hair extensions wholesaler

    Hey!!! Does anyone order direct from a wholesaler i.e in China/India. Can anyone recommend any really good quality Remy hair extensions suppliers? I currently use Cinderella but their customer service is just appalling! They are absolutely vile people and I spend a bloody fortune with them...
  19. divalou

    Mobile Hairdressers Insurance

    Hey!! can anyone recommend a good broker for mobile hairdressers insurance in the UK please. Been googling for ages but they all want to speak to you on the phone and try and sell you insurance! Recommendations would be great, thanks!!!!
  20. divalou

    Chocolate Beauty & Hair products

    Hey all!!!! Can anyone recommend a good chocolate beauty range to use in the salon? (im stealing one of you geeks' chocolate promotion ideas so thanks!! XX) Also, are there any good hair or nail chocolate ranges people can recommend? Thanks!! p.s, is anyone elses September starting off...