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  1. Nailz73

    Male intimate waxing?

    Hi all.. okies... male intimate waxing... is there an art to it :O).. i can female intimate wax but have never done an intimate male... just legs or back or chest .. (and eyebrows) dont ask lol.. now i have had an enquiry.. about male waxing.. am assuming at this point they mean (downnn...
  2. Nailz73

    Has anyone ever changed business name back to a previous one?

    Hi all.. Well things havnt been good, with new i have had to totally re think my path. The wonderfully enthusiastic hair stylist that started beginning of march was busy for a week and half then nothing and now gone...leaving me back to.....just me .... So after much soul...
  3. Nailz73

    Wax heater brands and sizes

    For all those who use peron rigot wax... Since i am starting back into beauty services...what wax heater would be recommeded for peron rigot waxes.. I know the strip wax comes in 800g a 1000cc heater recommended..i was lookin at hive...what other brands are suitable for the 800g...
  4. Nailz73

    S/E stylists now wants 75/25% split not 70/30

    hi quaick advice really to see how fair i am about to be.. i have finally found a wonderful stylist, who wants to work in a salon base bla blah blah.. i always said i woudl supply the backwash products, to me (being a non hairdresser) this means, towels, shampoo, conditioners, all...
  5. Nailz73

    Curiosity question, barber courses

    Hi all... Just a query really, to aplly for a barber course ...would there be any kind of qualifications needed prior?.. Just looked on local college website, there is NVQ level barber but doesnt state any entry quals at all.. Sarah x
  6. Nailz73

    Re-aquainting with beauty services

    Hi ladies.. I am fully qualified as a beauty therapist, IHBC in 1992 ...worked over 2 -3 years approx in salons... I came out of the trade, i re trained about 5years ago with nail serrvices... but now i have my own salon i am sorting out my beauty room... I will be offering treatments i...
  7. Nailz73

    Commission split for self employed, limits and capping

    Just a quickie... Does any other owner cap their s/e therapists at when comission split reaches certain amount, it wont go over ... Hope that made sense i am tired,, Sarah x
  8. Nailz73

    Beauty room couch or chair? Design tips

    Himladies.. Am teying to come up,with a space saving way of designing my beauty room. Have uploded best pics i could...trouble is the size, with the static couch in its rather tight...was thinking of a slimline cupboard on that back wall, with floating shelves up the wall for products..and...
  9. Nailz73

    Hair Stations for rental S/E - Fremington, North devon

    3 hair stations are now available for weekly, monlty or a daily rate base. Situated within the village of fremington, North Devon Ideally suited for a level qualified with existing clientele with opportunity to increase to register interest pop a mail to
  10. Nailz73

    Staff advice, hair

    Hi all me again.. Cut a long story short, i am offering my hair chairs on a s/e rental base only...i as salon onwer am not hair trained just beauty and nail... I have a young lady wanting to start up on her own, she is currently at level 2 trained, but is currently in an apprenticeship in...
  11. Nailz73

    Thinking of offering beauty rental

    Hi all.. have done alot of reading over the past few weeks.. ok months lol.. finally got into my salon and opening on 1st december...2014.. now.. my dilemma.. i am a nail professional and also a fully qualified beauty therapist.. i havent provided beauty services in quite a while so...
  12. Nailz73

    Hair station rental - deposit?

    Hi all.. Am thinking of renting out the hair stations that are existing in the salon I am about to lease. I am thinking the best and simplest way would be a weekly rental.. Would it be appropriate to ask for a deposit ..say 1 week in advance ...returnable if renter leaves ?.. any...
  13. Nailz73

    Salon core supplies advice

    Hi to hair forum.. Just popping over from nail/beauty forum to grab some tips really on salon core supplies (hair section) . Will try and keep,this short ... I am opening a new salon which will have a hair section, chairs will be rented out to s/e stylists etc.. I have decided to supply the...
  14. Nailz73

    More S/E based queries needing advice

    hi all am still in the process of opening my nail and beauty salon, which is in a prominent position within the main footfall and route to towns within a village.. anyway, it was previously a hair salon only, and the lady is selling me 3 stations which i intend to rent out for stylists...
  15. Nailz73

    S/E technicians and salon etiquette re: clientele

    Hi all back with another quessie to put out of my mind. So putting myself in place of being a salon owner and also the nail technician in the salon, I have a client base Add hairdressers probably self employed independants too...they have each got their own clients. Add maybe 1 or 2...
  16. Nailz73

    S/E hairdressers- chair rental v commission based

    Hi all me again... The salon which I will be leasing was a hairdressers... I am thinking of keeping some of the chairs maybe 3 to lease to s/e hair stylists etc... I am not in the hair industry, just beauty and nails... My questions is...what is fairer, rental per week? Day? Or...
  17. Nailz73

    Any creative words of salon wisdom?

    Hi all... Been a while since I posted on forum...I am finally doing it, I clinched my deal for a salon am scared, just finalising to receive funding.. So much going through my head right now I can't slow,it down...all new territory for me.. My current situ is...
  18. Nailz73

    Can you infill L&P with hard gel?

    HI all.. gosh i feel such a numpty newbie asking what i class as a silly question lol but hey .. have a headache and am blurred.. have an enquiry from a lady who wants infills but reluctant to go back to lady who did them.. she took 2 1/2 hours to full set of clear L&P over pre white...
  19. Nailz73

    Clients nail split in strange place

    Hi Ladies.. this is going to be hard because i cant seem to upload a pic at the momenty will try again tomorrow.. anyway .. not experienced this before... so here goes.. hope this explanation makes sense. i have a clietn who has previously been to a local nss bar and previous salon.. it...
  20. Nailz73

    Need some advice, re: removing acrylics

    Hi all just need a bit of advice for a change lol.. have a lady coming to me who wanted infill on her acrylics.. i dont do acrylics.. but she said gel would be ok instead to infill .. i said i may have to soak off and re-apply new set.. anyway .. i asked her where she hd them done and she...