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  1. divalou

    Self assessment spreadsheet templates?

    Hello!! The time for Self Assessment is approaching and I'm going to do it myself again this year. Last year was a bit of a ball ache so was wondering if there are any template spreadsheets for it anywhere?? Thanks Lou xx
  2. divalou

    Blogs - looking for guest bloggers

    Hello Geeks! I'm looking for some Guest Bloggers, Interviewees or Experts to feature on my blog. My blog is mostly about the trials and tribulations of being Self Employed. So if you have a story or expertise relating to that, maybe we can do some blog post loving? I'd be particularly...
  3. divalou

    Does anyone have a blog?

    I'd suggest putting a "Follow" email widget at the top/side of your blog. xx
  4. divalou

    Which hairstylist blogs do you follow?

    I blog at girlbehindthescissors | My life as a mobile hair stylist an entrepreneur and newbie roller derby girl! Slightly different tone to yours, but mostly related to hair and being freelance!
  5. divalou

    Mobile but don't drive

    I rode my bike/used public transport for about a year. Was insanely happy when I passed my test! It's doable but not easy :) You can read about it here actually: The Not-So-Mobile Hairdresser | girlbehindthescissors
  6. divalou

    Some clients are never happy

    Tell me about it! I have one of *those* clients and she's been a regular for years! In fact I just did a blog post about this subject: I need your advice…. | girlbehindthescissors
  7. divalou

    The best blue?

    Shame Elumen is salon only or is really expensive. Any alternative/similar you know of? Come visit my blog: girlbehindthescissors | My life as a mobile hair stylist an entrepreneur and newbie roller derby girl!
  8. divalou

    Best products for hair ups?

    Someone on here gave me the excellent tip of putting a small bit of mousse in dry hair before curling. Work it through like a serum with your fingers before tonging and it helps to hold them without being crunchy or sticky like hairspray can. I also love got2b powder'ful volumising powder...
  9. divalou

    Considering getting an iPad - what do you use yours for?

    I use MyChair app for bookings but there are plenty of other apps you can try. I love my ipad a little bit too much :)
  10. divalou

    Taking the plunge

    We spent around £20k on our last salon. Think really really carefully about it, running a salon is SO SO SO expensive. Think of it in how many hours you have to work to take home the same amount you do now, after paying rent, business rates, electric, water, phone, internet, advertising, staff...
  11. divalou

    No clients, help please!

    Yep agree with this.
  12. divalou

    No clients, help please!

    The lower your prices the more hassle you get! People will see you as less valuable if you charge bargain basement prices. Remember you and your services are valuable and charge accordingly! x
  13. divalou

    New blog post!

    Hey! Not sure if I'm allowed to do this on here but wanted to let you know I've got a blog up with some new posts. You can check it out here: girlbehindthescissors | My life as a mobile hair stylist an entrepreneur and newbie roller derby girl! Click the 'follow' button if you want your...
  14. divalou

    Does anyone have a blog?

    Guys, please add in a "follow" widget to your blogs!!
  15. divalou

    Best hair straighteners advice!

    Seems like a tie between cloud9 and corioliss!
  16. divalou

    Does anyone have a blog?

    Going to follow you! In a non-stalkery way :)
  17. divalou

    Best hair straighteners advice!

    Hello Geeks! My old old FHI straighteners have literally fallen apart after many years of abuse! So I need some new ones ASAP, but want some opinions on the best ones to get. Probably not GHD as I am not a GHD supplier. I haven't bought a pair for about 4 years so completely out of touch...
  18. divalou

    When hair is just not viable for extensions help

    You can always do a test strand but go with your gut when you see her. Check out my blog:
  19. divalou

    Keratin U-Tip vs Micro Ring/loop - which causes less damage?

    I've never really had many complaints about pre bonds, but was just wondering :):) thanks for opinions x
  20. divalou

    Allowing clients to book online?

    Ooh maybe I'll d/l & give it a go, thanks x