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    What to do?

    Hi All I'm trying to think up some Christmas Packages or Promotions and I need a little help! I want to offer Spray Tanning in a package but I'm unsure of what to add to it. I mean I cant offer body treatments or tinting before or after as it will effect the tan. Is it possible to add this...
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    Does anyone know where I can find Nailtiques for trade? Searched the internet but can only find American sites. Thanks
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    Just find it annoying!

    Hi Sorry, but I just need to vent! I'm mobile and charge £20 for a spray tan. Well had a lady phone up and book for Saturday, only to have her phone up and cancel because someone else has advertised mobile spray tanning for £10! I mean I know its a competitive industry and all that but...
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    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Came home tonight and hubby said "You've been spray tanning tonight haven't you?" I said yes how do you know - look in the mirror he said - there was tanning spray under each nostral!! Looked as though I had a Hitler tash! Has this happened to anyone?
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    Harley Body Wrap

    Hi Does anyone use this brand? If so, what do you think of it? Thank you!
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    What do you think??

    A friend has just phoned me to say that there is a beauty room for rent for £5.00 an hour. :confused: I have never heard of a room being rented out like this, has anyone got any experience of this kind of arrangement? Thanks
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    What order??

    I have a client booked in for a facial, eyelash and brow tint and an eyebrow wax... I would normally do the tint first, then the wax. But now she has booked a facial, could I do the facial at the end just avoid the eyebrow area, as my client only has the hair under her brows waxed. Any...
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    Does anyone have a beauty box?

    Does anyone have a beauty box like this or this one? Beauty Trolley - Monaco Rose Red Beauty Trolley If so, what do you think of it? Would you recommend it? I have so much stuff to carry around, it would be ideal to have it all in one box! Also is there enough room for a wax heater...
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    Can I ask when your doing a manicure (luxury), at what stage do you do the scrub? My friend and I are having a bit of a debate here! lol
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    Body Wraps when Mobile?

    Is it possible? Or should these kind of treatments be left to salons? I would really like to introduce something like body wraps and heard lots about the Universal Contour wraps, but I understand it is very messy... Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Asking for a disclaimer instead of patch test

    If you saw that someone was offering treatments for the day, say for instance at a fete, and the treatment that was on offer was eyelash and eyebrow tinting. BUT instead of asking for a patch test, a disclaimer was asked to be signed on the day of treatment - would you challenge that person...
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    Car Insurance

    Hi Geeks! Does anyone know of a Car Insurance - Business Cover - that will actually cover contents as well? So far I haven't had much luck with the companies I've tried :irked: Any help appreciated! Thanks
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    Portable Couches

    Hi All I need a new couch and was wondering if anyone has heard of or has the Extralite Portable Beauty Bed? The one I saw was from Direct Salon Supplies and it weighs 10.4 kilos - perfect for mobile. However I have heard a lot of people recomend the REM Airlite. This one weighs 12.5 kilos...
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    Help with Spray Tanning

    Hi All Advice needed please! I have a client booked in on Tuesday for a spray tan. She phoned me today to say she has been using a moisturiser with fake tan in for the last 6 weeks and she last put it on this morning :rolleyes: Should I tell her to leave having the tan until next week and...
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    How much do you make?

    Hi All Just starting spray tanning and was wondering just how much people make out of it? I see the majority charge £20 a full body - how much profit do you make aprox? At the moment I have half a galon of solution, which came with my kit. (about 30 - 32 tans) Just trying to work out what...
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    Patch Testing Wax?

    Hi It has been 6yrs since I last qualified, when I did I was told that you needed to patch test people before waxing. Now I want to start up again as mobile and I was wondering if people still did this? I know things have moved on a lot from when I first started what with Brazillians and...
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    Hi, a re-Post for Xen Tan

    Hi Eveyone! (I posted this the other day, but I never got a response. So I thought I might re post it as I would be really grateful for any advice. Thanks) I am due to start a Spray Tanning day course soon and the products that are going to be used is Xen-Tan. Just wondered what people...
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    Hi Eveyone! This is my first time on Salon Geeks :eek: lol I am due to start a Spray Tanning day course soon and the products that are going to be used is Xen-Tan. Just wondered what people thought of them? Also I am doing the course through Carlton Institute and they have on...