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  1. DivineByDesign

    Best hot wax?

    Hi everyone, I've tried doing a search first for his but nothing is coming up at all. Although I'm trained in beauty therapy, I only do my own treatments as my salon is nails and tans only. I currently use a warm wax but I much prefer a hot wax. Can anyone recommend an amazing hot wax to...
  2. DivineByDesign

    Recommended high street foundation and concealer?

    I'm hoping someone can advise. I'm looking for a new foundation and concealer that I can buy on the high street. I've been using Bare Minerals for the past 2 years but wanting a little more coverage. I have auburn hair and a warm, slightly freckly complexion. My skin type is normal with a...
  3. DivineByDesign

    CND Educator in Ontario, Canada

    Hi Everyone, I have an old work colleague who emigrated to Guelph in Southwestern Ontario, Canada a number of years ago. She adores nails and is showing a great deal of promise in her passion, creativity and application but is very interested in CND and really needs to do a couple of courses...
  4. DivineByDesign

    Dogs & allergies/Asthma

    I've just had my youngest to the docs today as he's not been quite right for a while. Our GP is an ENT specialist and had a good look over him. All of our children have suffered or currently suffer eczema, and the eldest briefly suffered asthma. GP has given him a list of meds to treat asthma...
  5. DivineByDesign

    Wanting a Shrinking Violet treatment but can't find a therapist

    The title is pretty self explanatory, I have tried to do a search on here to see if the answer had already been given but I can't find it. I want the treatment done on myself for my sons christening 2 weeks today but can't seem to find a salon the provides it locally, even the "top" local...
  6. DivineByDesign

    How do I calculate RRPs for CND retail products?

    I've tried to search on here for RRP's for some of the retail products but couldn't really find anything. Is there a formula I should use? I want to sell a the 7.3ml solar oil, 15ml solar oil, cuticle eraser and almond hydrating hand lotion but I don't want to over/under charge. S2 have kindly...