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  1. Emily-Louise

    Electric nail files

    Hi Geeks, I have been reading a number of Sg threads, past and present, regarding electric nail files and have some questions I am hoping some of you helpful geeks will be able to answer :) - where did you purchase your electric file from and where did you get the training? - how did the...
  2. Emily-Louise

    Offers on treatments

    I am starting my own home salon and am wondering about treatment offers and the like. If anyone could/is willing to answer the questions below that would be great! Do you have offers on your treatments? If so what do you offer? ie 10% off or buy one get one half price? Does anyone offer...
  3. Emily-Louise

    Calling all Aylesbury Vale based home salon owners

    Hi, I am hoping someone who has a home based salon covered by aylesbury vale district council maybe able to help. I am looking to open a nail/beauty home based salon and don't know what (if anything) I need to tell the local council. Please help :confused: Thanks Emily
  4. Emily-Louise

    Setting up and selling own brand cosmetics

    Hi geeks, Hoping someone might be able to help me. I am interested in setting up, making and selling my own brand of creams, body scrubs etc to sell to clients but am not sure how to go about it. Can anyone help or advise? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Emily-Louise

    CND nail technician in Buckinghamshire

    Hi, I'm moving to Buckinghamshire soon and am really wanting my nails done for my birthday and then wedding. Does anyone know of a CND nail technician in the area. I'll be living about 5 miles or so from Buckingham if that helps. Thanks in advance Emily x
  6. Emily-Louise

    Looking for a nail tech in Winchester

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile tech who using creative or Ez Flow l & p in the winchester/aldresford area, preferably mobile. Thanks in advance Em x
  7. Emily-Louise

    Facial and Bridal Makeup

    Hi geeks, I have had a booking for bridal makeup and part of my package is a facial! I was wondering how long before the day I should do this? Is 24 or 48 hours long enough or should it be longer? Thanks Em :)
  8. Emily-Louise

    Pay what you think it is worth?

    Hi Geeks, I am looking for some models to complete some case studies for me over the next few weeks. I have a group on facebook and am sending a message out to everyone listing the treatments I am looking for models for and explaining what it involves (paperwork, photos etc). I have tried...
  9. Emily-Louise

    Nail art equipment

    Hi geeks, I am looking to buy some nail art equipment and was looking for some recommendations for good quality products. Any help would be greatly appreciated?! Em :)
  10. Emily-Louise

    OPI powder gel enhancements

    Hi Geeks, I have just been out in a town near me and popped into a couple of the nail salons to get pricelists. Looking on the way back one says opi powder gel nails and the other say opi liquid gel and powder gel nails. All you opi nail geeklings out there does opi powder gel actually...
  11. Emily-Louise

    Hopi Ear Candles

    Hi Everyone, I have just booked myself onto a hopi ear candle training and was wondering where the best place to buy the candles is? Thanks for your help in advance Emily
  12. Emily-Louise

    Spray Tanning Business Question

    Hiya everyone, I am just wondering how profitable people find spray tanning. I did a party last night and earnt £60 for approximately an hours work. How many tans can you do in an hour? also how many tans in a day if your mobile? Thanks Emily :D
  13. Emily-Louise

    Sat 17th July near Southampton

    Hi, A friend of mine is running a youth camp near southampton and on Saturday 17th July they are looking for someone to attend to spend some time with the girls (and maybe boys) talking to them about beauty therapy and performing nail art on them or teaching them how to do it themselves. You...
  14. Emily-Louise

    Help Please

    Hi Geeks, Hope Im posting this in the right place. I really want to get my nails done by somone else as I hate doing them myself now and my lovely boyfriend has said he will pay for them yayyyy. So I am wondering if anyone can suggest someone who is mobile in the buckinghamshire area...
  15. Emily-Louise

    Help Please

  16. Emily-Louise

    Spray Tanning Question

    Hi Geeks, I am going on a sienna x spray tanning course a week tomorrow yay!!! but I am wondering how many spray tans it took until you all began to charge your chosen full price?! I know confidence is important and everyone is different but it would be really helpful to know. Thanks in...
  17. Emily-Louise

    Flyer Distribution

    Hello Geeks and Geekettes, I am wondering if you might be able to help me. I have had 2500 leaflets printed to letter drop around my local area. I am wondering when the best time of the week as well as the year to do this is?? All help with be greatfully received, Thanks Emily x
  18. Emily-Louise

    Anyone interested in renting a stall at a charity event?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Many of you will have noticed that yesterday (tuesday) I posted in the chit chat section for ideas regarding my charity event to raise awareness and funds for breast through breast cancer and jo's trust a cervical cancer charity which will be happening on saturday...
  19. Emily-Louise

    Some help needed

    geeks, I posted a thread last week asking for help and I was wondering if you could help again suggesting anyone you may know. I am holding a charity event on 25th july 2009 between 10 am and 3 pm and am looking for three therapists one to do spray tanning, one to do mani and pedi and one to...