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  1. Emily-Louise


    Hi ForYou, Disclaimers are a tricky subject, there are a number of different issues with them. Have you spoken with your insurance company to gain their perspective on disclaimers and also about customers not being patch tested for treatments. Personally, I wouldn't offer this type of treatment...
  2. Emily-Louise

    Electric nail files

    Hi Geeks, I have been reading a number of Sg threads, past and present, regarding electric nail files and have some questions I am hoping some of you helpful geeks will be able to answer :) - where did you purchase your electric file from and where did you get the training? - how did the...
  3. Emily-Louise

    Speeding up acrylic

    If you want to practice but are struggling to find models or clients then why not buy a nail training hand? Practice is what will bring your time down. I don't think 2.5 hours is bad after having only be doing nail extensions for 4 months. Em
  4. Emily-Louise

    Training with Sallys - any good?

    Id advice to train with CND but each geek is likely to have a personal preference. Check out sweet squared on or call the lovely people there on 0845 210 6060. Hope that's helpful. Em
  5. Emily-Louise

    Offers on treatments

    Thank you for the advice. I think the 5/6 treatments with a % off is a very good idea.
  6. Emily-Louise

    Offers on treatments

    I am starting my own home salon and am wondering about treatment offers and the like. If anyone could/is willing to answer the questions below that would be great! Do you have offers on your treatments? If so what do you offer? ie 10% off or buy one get one half price? Does anyone offer...
  7. Emily-Louise

    CND L&P - buff, Shiney top coat or gel top coat?

    My personal preference is buff to a shine but everyone is different :)
  8. Emily-Louise

    Calling all Aylesbury Vale based home salon owners

    Anyone out there who can help?
  9. Emily-Louise

    Calling all Aylesbury Vale based home salon owners

    Hi, I am hoping someone who has a home based salon covered by aylesbury vale district council maybe able to help. I am looking to open a nail/beauty home based salon and don't know what (if anything) I need to tell the local council. Please help :confused: Thanks Emily
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    Setting up and selling own brand cosmetics

    Hi geeks, Hoping someone might be able to help me. I am interested in setting up, making and selling my own brand of creams, body scrubs etc to sell to clients but am not sure how to go about it. Can anyone help or advise? Thanks in advance :)
  11. Emily-Louise

    CND nail technician in Buckinghamshire

    Hi, I'm moving to Buckinghamshire soon and am really wanting my nails done for my birthday and then wedding. Does anyone know of a CND nail technician in the area. I'll be living about 5 miles or so from Buckingham if that helps. Thanks in advance Emily x
  12. Emily-Louise

    Will I ever get quicker?

    It takes time, as others have said be more concerned initially with the quality and then work on the time. Try breaking the areas down i.e. PREP, tips/sculptures, application of L&P etc. Time yourself and then set your self goals. Keep calm and keep going :)
  13. Emily-Louise

    Do you fit form and build one free edge at a time, or fit all and build all?

    I fit forms on four finger of one hand and complete these nails up until the final filing stage and the repeat on the second hand, I then finish by doing the same on the thumbs, then file and buff to a shine or put top coat/nail art on! HTH :)
  14. Emily-Louise

    Advertising by wearing a personalised hoodie!

    I have a hoodie from spreadshirt which I use for advertising. It definately grabs peoples attention.
  15. Emily-Louise

    Best gel system

    I would advise either CND Brisa gel if you are looking for a buff off gel or biosculpture gel for a soak off gel. I offer both and they are both brilliant products, both companies provide excellent training and troubleshooting :) Hope this helps
  16. Emily-Louise

    What is the best brand to use for acrylic?

    Each of the geeks will give you a different answer as we each have our own preferences and experiences, I would personally advise CND check out sweet squared - or 0845 210 6060. Hope you get better soon and good luck with your training and future nail career :)
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    I'm going to propose to him! :) Any ideas girlies?

    I would be interested to know what happen too, me 8.
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    Spray tans and eczema

    Why not try a thin later of barrier cream, like you do for the back of knees,feet and elbows.
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    I just got engaged!

  20. Emily-Louise

    Looking for a nail tech in Winchester

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile tech who using creative or Ez Flow l & p in the winchester/aldresford area, preferably mobile. Thanks in advance Em x