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  1. Lovebeauty14

    Best haircut for two year old boy with curly hair?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a two year old boy with curly unruly hair that is thickest by his neck and down the centre of his head and thinnest at the sides. What I'd like to know is what haircut could I ask for at the hair dressers that would look good with...
  2. Lovebeauty14

    Peely, bendy nails!! I have your solution!

    Hey geeks. Just thought I'd share this with you. I used to have horrible peely, bendy nails that never grew as they would end up peeling so bad before they had the chance. Well I buffed them using the CND Girlfriend buffer and then the Glossing Block and they are now amazing and don't peel! I'm...
  3. Lovebeauty14

    Feeling disillusioned about home salon

    Hello Geeks, Well I've had my home salon since April this year and to be honest with you? I'm not enjoying it and feeling very disillusioned. I am getting clients, I went full out in the beginning with advertising, etc, and have some good word of mouth clients, and have already established...
  4. Lovebeauty14

    Why is my steamer alarming?

    Was doing a facial the other day when to my horror, it started making the most horrendous loud beep sound and stopped working. Has this happened to anyone else before and is it easy to fix? I bought it ages ago whilst training and cannot remember where I bought it from. Thanks. :)
  5. Lovebeauty14

    Microdermabrasion for dryness on nose?

    Hello Ladies & Gents, I have a question, Do you recommend microdermabrasion for getting rid of dryness on the nose (around the crease where nose meets face)? I was on here a few months ago about spots on hair line and thanks to you guys they have cleared up (changed shampoos) but this last...
  6. Lovebeauty14

    Quiet, cold fan

    Hey. Can anybody recommend a quiet, cold fan or air conditioning unit I can have in my beauty room as I was nearly dying massaging a client today, there was literally sweat dripping off me! Sorry I know thats gross! Thanks.
  7. Lovebeauty14

    New Twitter scam/hacking. Just to warn you!

    Hey geeks. Just to warn you, there is a scam going around on Twitter where one of the people you follow PM's you to say that someone's been spreading nasty rumours about you, so you click on the link, it tells you to log into Twitter but it's actually a dodgy page, they nick your details and...
  8. Lovebeauty14

    My client has patchy tan. How can I rectify it?

    Did my first real customer spray tan yesterday and she has complained that she is patchy and arms are different colours. I told her to come back and I will rectify it. Mortified as she is going to a wedding tomorrow. All my models I've practiced on had perfect tans so I'm mortified. :-( How can...
  9. Lovebeauty14

    Breakouts around hairline but mega dry nose?

    Hey Geeks, I'm a skin geek myself and am ashamed to say I'm perplexed by my own skin. I'm assuming it's hormones, as skins not been this bad since my teenage years and as I've recently got the coil I've put 2 and 2 together, but I don't know what to do about it. I use a combination skin...
  10. Lovebeauty14

    What makes your salon special?

    Hello, just thought I'd create this thread. I was just thinking about special touches to my home salon that I'm making, like mint imperials out in a little bowl, little chocolate seashells in a little bowl, have Yankee Tarts burning and I give the clients a choice of what music they want to...
  11. Lovebeauty14

    Massaging men. Advice please!

    Hello, I'm after some advice if that's OK. I've had one text and one phone call requesting a full body massage from two men. I was fine about this, don't mind massaging men, but when I explained I couldn't do that evening because I needed my hubby around for childcare, but was fine to do it in...
  12. Lovebeauty14

    Where do I stand, legally, giving out food in salon?

    Hello geeks, I was thinking about creating a new offer, Pedicure with a hot drink of your choice and a slice of home made cake. But was just wondering, would I be allowed to do this? Or is this now turning to catering? Thanks.
  13. Lovebeauty14

    Anybody else doubt themselves? Aftermath of first day of treatments.

    As the title suggests, I was just wondering if anybody else ever did and whether the feeling fades? I had my first 4 clients today, all booked in today. They were all lovely but afterwards seemed really happy, but I can't stop worrying about whether what I did was good enough, whether I behaved...
  14. Lovebeauty14

    First booking! Scared! Any advice?

    Hey have just got my first booking since opening a few weeks ago, and I'm really nervous! They are booked in for a brow tidy and lash tint which are pretty straight forward but I just hope it all goes OK! She's part of the military community so it's vital it goes well, as everyone knows...
  15. Lovebeauty14

    My website in Signature?

  16. Lovebeauty14

    NVQ3 or CND Enhance course? What is best?

    Hello. I am currently hoping to further my skills in nails as I currently hold the NVQ2 Beauty Therapy General but would like to enhance my skills by learning L&P and enhancing my Gel Nail skills. I have undertaken a short course in Gel Nails (in my less clued up days) and although I've put...
  17. Lovebeauty14

    SEO Help. Creating links to improve page ranking.

    Right I'm getting really confused. I've been registering my business on such websites as and ISomerset where I've also attached a link to my website, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. What I'm confused about though is on Google Web Master it is showing as no links available next to my...
  18. Lovebeauty14

    Wax leaked all over Maximist spray tan unit! Advice please!! :-(

    Hey, was just searching through my chest for an reed defuser when I found a wax had leaked all over the chest including my spray tanning machine. Does anyone have any advice on how to remove it efficiently? Fabric strip and sera clean just isn't cutting the mustard. Think I need an alcoholic...
  19. Lovebeauty14

    Did I do the right thing, ignoring the call?

    Hello, I just had a call to my business mobile, today on a Sunday, at 0745 in the morning. I ignored it as I've just woken up and had my baby in my arms. Should I have answered it? I launched my business a week ago and have been trying to make an impression across twitter and had my first...
  20. Lovebeauty14

    Nuisance calls!! 6 this morning in launching my business!

    Omg, I've just had 6, repeat 6, calls this morning since getting my business on Yell all from people telling me either my electricity is wrong, my phone account is wrong, and then while I was on the phone to Vidaphone I had a answer phone message from the dreaded 'Police Magazine' people telling...