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    Stiletto nails

    Lovely nails, i'd love to know how you did them x
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    Would you pay to do a course on how to apply strip lashes?

    Yes i agree its all in the marketing. look at Blink and Go nd HD Brows. It's the brand you buy into with celeb endorsement
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    Cosmetic Environ roll cit

    Hi Karen, you would be best to contact iiaa (Environ) and they will list stockists for you. this way you know you are not being over charged and that the product is legit,x
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    Micro skin needling, iontopherysis or microdermabrasion?

    Thanks for your replys, due to attend the training in January. Been hearing that there is a compulsory purchase of the machine is this right? Neither the rep nor the rep at the seminar in Manchester Beauty happened to mention this. Can anyone throw any light on this?
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    Environ opening order?

    This will be interesting as we a due to train with Environ in January. also introducing CST into the salon too. Nothing was mentioned at any point about buying any machine!! Lets see what happens????
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    Your set ups. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

    Belle Amie Beauty - Homepage This is a link to our website with photos x
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    Lip Foils @ Professional Beauty North 2011?

    Were they at Manchester?
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    Lip Foils @ Professional Beauty North 2011?

    Hi, can anyone tell me if there was more than Glitzy Lips at PB North 2011 please? because we saw union jacks and leaord print but Gltzy Lps dont do them. Can any one help? Thnaks
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    Hi, how much were you looking for and do you still have the receipt/

    Hi, how much were you looking for and do you still have the receipt/
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    Where did the Oldies go? (as in Geek-mentors)

    In my opinion i think rudeness can come from both sides. I dont condone rudeness, infact i hate it and definatley wouldn't tolerate it. However i've read quite a few posts on here where even the longest of geeks have been rude and on the verge of arrogance especially when things have...
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    Micro skin needling, iontopherysis or microdermabrasion?

    Has anyone any feedback on any of these machines please :)
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    CND profile picture

    OOOhh, i take it S2 with have al the glitters at M/chester?
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    Manchester Beauty North

    Oh this is where i will be heading :)
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    Polishing Practice

    My advice would be take a deep breath and it's not the end of the worldif you make a mistake. Just clean the nanil again and do it again. i find i cant talk whilst i'm polishing. This is my procedure 1. good quality polish (not old) 2. turn bottle upside down and roll between palms to mix...
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    CND profile picture

    No, this one. Welcome to Facebook Thought it was CND but it's S2. i do like that copper shimmer though. we have the Firebeery and use it quite alot. Need Copper Shimmer :)
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    Cheaper products from the states?

    Is there any evidence of this? i buy from the States, pay the going rate for delivery, pay my taxes nd customs charge. So what makes this illegal? As long as they are being shipped correctly and states chemicals. Mmm interesting..:eek:
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    CND profile picture! i was beginning to think it was Shellac with glitter. the sparkle is immense considering its a polish and shimmer. gonna have to seek these out this weekend at Manchester :hug: just looked back at the picture. It doesn't look like fireberry.
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    How to get client feedback

    Not necessarily all clients are going to say if they dont like something and especially on facebook in my opinion, they just wont come back. Great if they say direct to you if there is a problem but i would expect at least 50% would just go elsewhere. an example of being in a restaraunt and...
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    New light gold CND rockstar

    Yeah i've been reading about this. I've been using acrylic mixes for years, using Shellac is something i'm gonna have to try :hug:
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    Stuck bottom lashes!

    Oh that's bad. were they recommeded to you too?