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  1. Gemgem675

    Wedding Nail ideas

    Hey geeks! I know quite a few ladies getting married within the next year or so and just wondered if anyone could share some ideas of different wedding nails they have done? I want to put together a nail wheel with different styles for wedding nails so clients can get an idea of what they...
  2. Gemgem675

    Where do you search for properties?

    Hi Guys, We are moving house at the end of may our current tenancy ends then and we are looking for somewhere smaller and cheaper. I normally just use rightmove to search for rental properties, rather than trawling through all the agencies websites, but wondered if anyone had any other...
  3. Gemgem675

    I don't have a hairdresser anymore

    Hey everyone, Just wondered if anyone could recommend a hairdresser in the Bournemouth area, just found out my current hairdresser has been diagnosed with arthritis in her hands so she has given up doing hair now. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as i really don't just want...
  4. Gemgem675

    I don't have a hairdresser anymore

  5. Gemgem675

    Writing to companies to gain new clients

    Hey everyone, I am just looking to write a letter to the local golf clubs, WI etc. I really need some help with wording and wondered if anyone had an examples of the letters that they have sent out to these kind of companies to promote their business and gain some new clients. I will pop...
  6. Gemgem675

    Compliments and new clients

    Hey geeks, Wasn't sure wether to put this in nail geek or biz geek, so please feel free to move if its in the wrong place. I've noticed recently I've been getting quite a few compliments when shopping, paying for items, even the nurses when I went to the doctors the other day:) about my nails...
  7. Gemgem675

    Christmas Parties

    Hey Geeks:) Just wondered how many of your have Christmas parties at your workplace be it a salon or an office/call centre wherever you may work. We had ours this saturday and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we got some good feedback and some average feedback. Its my job to...
  8. Gemgem675

    Mobile hairdresser in Dorset

    Afternoon all, Thought i would post this here as i am looking for a mobile hair geek in the Dorset area. My previous hairdresser is quite a way to travel now and i am finding it more and more difficult to find the time to get to her. So any hairgeeks in dorset that are mobile would you be...
  9. Gemgem675

    Pedicure Course

    Hello, I trained in Manicure at my local college last year and have been offering manciure, Minx and Shellac for the last month or so but i would like to train in pedicure as well as i would love to get a qualification for this before next summer. Does anyone know of a course that will just...
  10. Gemgem675

    Treatments on under 16's

    Morning, I have a couple of my cousins coming for manicures next week and they are both under 16. Just wanted to ask do you use your standard consultation form for under 16's and then just add a line for the parent to sign saying the are happy for the child to have the treatment etc. Or do...
  11. Gemgem675

    Mock croc nail varnish

    Its not out yet but just thought I would share I guess its the same idea as crackle polish, do you think it will be any good? I'm sure other brands will bring it the same idea out too if they haven't already. Sent from my...
  12. Gemgem675

    Client consultation cards

    Hey geeks, I am booked to take a makeup course in September, i was just wondering what type of questions you have on your client consultation cards for doing makeup? Any help would be great! x
  13. Gemgem675

    21st Birthday Nail art

    Hey geeks, Just a quick one i'm trying to get some ideas for 21st birthday nail art, one of my clients is turning 21 soon and wants something a bit funky incoporating the number 21. I was thinking something a bit sparkly maybe holo polish but i can't really think of any ideas for the actual...
  14. Gemgem675

    OPI manicure products

    Hey Geeks, I just wondered if anyone used the OPI manciure products, if so what do you think of them? Im in the process of choosing a system to use for my manicures, i have had a few samples through for other systems but just wondered if OPI is worth considering. Any comments would be great x
  15. Gemgem675

    Make up Courses

    Hi geeks, I've just popped over from Nails as i am thinking of doing a make up course. Just wondered if any one could recommend a course they have been on, i live in the Dorset area so courses in dorset or hampshire would be good. Also do you get much call to do make up in your...
  16. Gemgem675

    Kitchen Colour scheme

    Hey Geeks, We have just moved into a new house it is rented so we can't change floor or wall tiles in the kitchen. The tiles and floor tiles are a orangey/terracotta colour and im trying to put another colour into the kitchen, utensils, pictures etc i am thinking of blue do you reckon they...
  17. Gemgem675

    Going Mobile....

    Hey everyone, I've just finished my manicure course at college and im currently doing acrylics aswell. I'm trying to sort everything to get started as a mobile technician. But......i have been having problems deciding on a name i used all the tricks to come up with a name had a huge list...