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    Doing offers after coronavirus?

    As you have already notified your clients, go straight to the new prices when you open up again. It will have been so long that they will have forgotten what they used to pay anyway! [emoji849]
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    Paraffin wax: hand/foot nourish

    You dispose of any wax that has been applied to the client’s skin. You can’t return it to the heater. So the answer is once only. You can of course reheat the unused wax many times.
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    Doing offers after coronavirus?

    No, I won’t be offering any discounts on return to work. I don’t think clients will expect it.
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    Time off due to coronavirus

    I cancelled everyone who had booked. These bookings went through to June so basically my appointment book is empty for the whole year now. Even if we are allowed to start up again in say, July or August, clients will be totally revising what they want and when.
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    COVID-19, you’ve closed your business so what to do whilst at home?

    Well amazon are still dispatching packages. Seem to be using Royal Mail at the moment so our usual postman brings them.
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    Still working?

    All home salons should have closed down last night and not opening today. You have to cancel all your bookings for 3 weeks as a minimum. I've cancelled everyone to the end of June. Mobile visits should not be happening either.
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    Nail foil confusion

    I'm getting good transfer with the new Lecente foil gel which you cure for 2 mins.
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    Gel system recommendations

    Currently, with the increase in nail allergies, i would look at ranges that are hypoallegenic and hema free. There are plenty of ranges that meet these standards such as CND shellac, IKON IQ & Lecente.
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    Flying tomorrow

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    Flying tomorrow

    Here is the link to the UK government travel advice page. If you select the country you are monitoring, you can then set up an email alert if anything changes with that country. Saves searching all the time. Greece are now closing all schools...
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    Flying tomorrow

    Me too, Greece soon! Will go unless the government stops travel there. Clients are being sanitised and then some ...[emoji108]
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    Is doing Itec level 3 beauty therapy worth it?

    ITEC is a recognised exam board with a long respectable history so no problem with that aspect. What you have to ask yourself is "What units will I achieve from this course and is it in the direction I wish to go". Can you give us a list of the units it DOES include? Are they doing this in one...
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    Home businesses - which are your quietest months?

    The longer you have been going, the more even the months become I find. So January can be just as busy as December
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    Lava stone massage

    Lava shells come in a range of sizes and shapes and designs now. I use the original tiger shells in large and small. The heat charges also come in different heat levels. I stick to mild, quite hot enough. With lava shells allow 10-15 mins to heat up to start (so do consult & essential oil...
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    Hand sanitisers?

    Sterex have excellent products of clinical strength. You should be able to buy from various wholesalers including sterex themselves. There is also a hand gel too
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    Beauty therapists of 15-20 years experience, help!

    Message sent. Should turn up on your email
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    Beauty therapists of 15-20 years experience, help!

    Yes please message me your certificates and I’ll see what I can find out.
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    Beauty therapists of 15-20 years experience, help!

    Hi, I was a senior college lecturer and course co-ordinator 2004 - 2014 and taught all the BTEC level 3 diploma including the level 3 BTEC in business. How can I help? What do you need? Have you your original certificates to show which optional units you studied? Edexcel would change their...
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    Lava stone massage

    I use lava shells and they are very popular with my massage clients. I combine it with the aromatherapy I do so it becomes a much longer and luxurious treatment. Yes the chemicals are pricey but I buy the large packs which helps bring the price down per treatment. Just make sure you charge...
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    Working from home & home insurance?

    I'm currently with HomeProtect