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  1. Annie23

    Wanting to start a nails business but not that simple!

    Anyone who has been following my blogs will know that I am moving from Yorkshire to Cheshire and hopefully this is going to be as soon as January. I want to start a nails business but I have been out of work so long because I am on sickness benefits and I am initially going to be on the...
  2. Annie23

    Hair falling out!

    For about 18 months my private life has been very emotional. 11 weeks ago something major happened (please dont ask, thank you) and my hair is now falling out in lumps and getting thinner by the day. I went to see my GP yesterday and she says its this traumatic event thats caused it after such a...
  3. Annie23

    Who is your inspiration - Personal and Professional?

    I opened up a thread cos of its title and soon realised it wasnt approriate for me to reply as it was aimed towards hairdressers. So it got me thinking, I have met some fabulous people in my life that I am honoured to say I have pleasure of being their friend. Others are icons in their industry...
  4. Annie23

    Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser - Bradford, Leeds, Keighley, Skipton areas

    Hi everyone I need a new hairdresser, I cant go back to previous salon been too long and I missed an appointment due to grieving just wasnt up to it at the time. I feel embarrassed and dont wanna get in touch with previous hairdresser plus I wasnt too happy last time. So i need a new...
  5. Annie23

    The Truth About Tanning - On tv 9pm Thurs 4th Feb BBC 3

    Hi Guys I always check out the tv for the week and came across this documentary being presented by Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud. Just thought I would pass on the information. Nicola has some very definate opinions on tanning and I think it will be an interesting watch. anne xx
  6. Annie23

    One day courses when already have A+P Level 3 Diploma

    Hi Geeks I am wanting to add to my portfolio of skills, I already possess a Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 Diploma and my questions are: In your opinion would a one day course in say Indian Head Massage be suffice. Obviously lots of practising would take place before paying clients. I...
  7. Annie23

    Problems with PopIts and Nail Graphix using CND powders application!

    Hi fellow Geeks Its been a while since I have been in the main forums, this has been intentional as I was going through some personal things and because my emotions were a little raw I was finding that my replies were sarcastic, out of patience and at times angry. So I decided to take time away...
  8. Annie23

    Good Riddance 2009

    So how many Geeks are happy to see the back of 2009? Apparently a lot of people this year have been having Good Riddance parties, its been a bad year for lots of people with the recession and what not. So what exciting plans have you got in store for 2010? For me: Goes without saying The S2...
  9. Annie23

    Whats your favourite Christmas story?

    Mine has to be A Christmas Carol, though I am ashamed to say I have never read the original book. One to add to the to do list. I love this story and have seen many different versions on television and on film and I just never get bored of it, its just a brilliant story. I think that my...
  10. Annie23

    Advice for very tangled and knotty hair

    My hair is long, thick, naturally curly (a bit like loose ringlets) and it gets so tangled and knotty that (I know this sounds bad) sometimes I don't comb/brush hair regularly cos its so painful. I tend to run my fingers through as best I can between washes and then when I do wash it beforehand...
  11. Annie23

    Who is going to the Event II?

    First of all with all the changes I am not sure if this should be in this forum, Events section or Social Groups so mods if its in the wrong place please move it, thank you. So as the question says who is going to the Event II. I thought I would put this up as its getting very near the date...
  12. Annie23

    10 year old tasered!!

    10 year old having a major hissy fit cos she wouldnt take a shower, apparently the child has a history of behaviour and emotional problems. The mother gave permission for the police to use the taser and when child reacted violently to police trying to take her into custody she was tasered. The...
  13. Annie23

    Whats happened to all the interesting posts?

    I have been a member of this site for ages and lately there has been hardly any threads that I have wanted to open up or if I have I hav'nt wanted to reply to as they are so mundane and more often than not, been covered before. Why is that the search button doesnt seemed to be used? Before I put...
  14. Annie23

    Dog bitten into my nail plate!

    Yesterday two of my dogs had another major fight which I had to seperate. In the process one of the dogs bit down on my thumb and has punctured a tiny hole into my nail plate right into the nail bed, as well as a punture on the underside of my thumb. I have a blood blister/bruise (very tiny)...
  15. Annie23

    Whats your phobia?

    At the moment there is an article on MSN about the different phobias people have and I thought that this would make an interesting and funny read. So whats your phobia? Well I will start off my telling you all mine and believe me this is not something that I admit to everyday. Ever since I...
  16. Annie23

    Question about facial sun cream and using moisturiser

    I have acne rosacea and I have been recommended a MD Formulations facial cleanser which is fab and has really cleared my skin. Its contains a glycolic compound and I have to use a sun factor cream. The one I chose is the 50 SPA facial sun cream by Ambre Solaire. My question is when I use the...
  17. Annie23

    Pets and new sofas - dilemma Fabric or Leather

    I have decided to redecorate the living room in the next few months, hopefully for Christmas. The dilemma I have is that I cannot make up my mind about whether or not to go for a fabric or a leather sofa. Considering that I have 4 dogs (2 yorkshire terriers and 2 cavaliers) that sit and sleep...
  18. Annie23

    Cancellation of appointments - a clients perspective (I am fuming!!)

    About 2 weeks ago I booked a beauty treatment that required a test and I happily paid a £10 deposit using my debit card over the phone. Due to unforseen circumstances I had to cancel the appointment (more than 24 hours notice) due to a family emergency that was totally unexpected. This emergency...
  19. Annie23

    Who is going to Olympia this year?

    I thought I would start a thread to see who is going to Olympia this year. I'm going on the 21st so hope to see some friendly geeks there, anyone going down by train from the north pm me if you fancy travelling together! anne xx