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  1. Noodle

    Illegal teeth whitening, new BBC report

    As this is prominent in today’s news, I’m adding the link for those considering teeth whitening courses:
  2. Noodle

    Dad “with” bride on her wedding day

    This news article is very touching, so I thought I’d share it:
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    Summer hair frizz!

    Can I put this question out please to all of our hair professionals? @deanosnana and myself would love to know the best way to combat the dreaded summer hair frizz. Apart from wearing hair up in a ponytail, are there any other solutions to this problem? Professional shampoo and conditioner...
  4. Noodle

    Kirsty Meakin makes BBC headlines

    Just thought I’d share this one:
  5. Noodle

    Best hair straighteners for home use?

    Good morning hair professionals. Please can you recommend some hair straighteners for personal use at home? I’ve had a pair of Remington’s for several years, and they still work perfectly well, but with Xmas coming up I’d like to treat myself to some new ones. My (colour enhanced ;))...
  6. Noodle

    New regulations for filler injections

    This came into force today and is all over the news, so I thought I’d link an article for anyone interested in reading it:
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    Not sure how to follow threads? Please read this one!

    I’ve noticed quite frequently, that some site members are creating posts just to add the word “following” to threads they wish to keep tabs on. I thought it might be useful though to create this thread to let everyone know that you can do this quite simply and effectively, by tapping the Watch...
  8. Noodle

    What and who exactly is the “Ask a Pro” forum for?

    Simple answer......for those unqualified in a particular field of nails, skin, waxing, tanning or hair, who have the chance ask those who are qualified in those fields, for guidance and advice. I have noticed increasing numbers of qualified professionals using this forum...
  9. Noodle

    Sacha Gossen Yours Halo Stamper help please!

    So I have the regular Yours squishy stamper, which works an absolute treat, but I've recently bought the new Halo clear stamper and can't get it to work at all, or barely anyway :( Is this stamper used in a different way, ie. rolling across the image or stamping straight down? Any hints or...
  10. Noodle

    In total shock, George Michael dead at 53

    Another icon has left this world, an absolute idol of mine whose music has meant so much to me and so many over the years. Very fortunate to have met him once, a memory I will always treasure. R.I.P. George, you'll be missed but your legacy will remain. Simply a legend.
  11. Noodle

    Stamping with chrome nails?

    Good evening nail geeks. I'm about to place an order for chrome (very excited :p), and just wondered if anyone has tried or if it is even possible to successfully stamp over chrome? (If this question has already been asked, please forgive me, but be kind enough to provide a link to the...
  12. Noodle

    Graduating from semi permanent hair colour to permanent

    Am seeking the advice from hair professionals please. I have been reliably informed by my lovely hairdresser that it's only a matter of time before I can no longer "get away with" semi permanent colour, as I definitely have visible roots :( She has been using Wella Colour Touch until now, but...
  13. Noodle

    Keratin smoothing treatment near Watford, Herts

    Just wondering if any lovely Hair Geeks are situated close by and offer this treatment please? If so, please reply here of feel free to send me a Private Message. Thank you.
  14. Noodle

    Profile posts / new threads

    This thread is just meant to serve as a gentle reminder for those site members, both new and not so new, who seem to be confusing creating Profile Posts with creating new threads. If you have a question to ask to which you would welcome some help or advice, please be sure to create a new thread...
  15. Noodle

    Vinylux metallic shades?

    For any of you who have these, can you please tell me if Limeade, Gilded Pleasure or Water Park are metallic, much in the same way Silver Chrome is? Trying to get a shopping list together for Pro Beauty next month :lol: Thank you in advance.
  16. Noodle

    Automated Signatures

    Over the past few weeks, the Moderation Team have noticed an increasing amount of site members using automated signatures at the end of their posts, by way of personal website links and social network links. In accordance with Salon Geek rules, in particular with regard to advertising...
  17. Noodle

    Pick up a penguin!

    Saw this on the web today, and it made me smile. This Penguin Chasing His Zookeeper Is Downright Adorable (VIDEO) Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  18. Noodle

    Double/triple punctuation, is it necessary?

    The answer is, probably not. I've noticed lots of you are duplicating, even triplicating punctuation marks such as ???? or !!!! or .... at the end of thread titles and sometimes within the texts of threads too. Even external smilies are now creeping onto the site :eek: Next time you post...
  19. Noodle

    Happy Birthday Mrs Geek!

    Wishing you many happy returns of the day Samantha, however you decide to celebrate! :hug:
  20. Noodle

    The cat with eyebrows!

    Had to share these adorable photos of this "on topic" cat :lol: Meet Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows (PICTURES)