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  1. Laura ran

    Continue in business if clients develop nail conditions?

    I think the fact that you are posting this shows you are a good caring therapist don’t give up !! Looking at your pics I have to agree it looks like maybe heavy handed removal or heavy prep xx I would take everything back to basics step by step xx it also looks like my nails did a few years ago...
  2. Laura ran

    Training in level 2 hairdressing

    Yes no problem south Cheshire collage in Crewe ,Cheshire xx
  3. Laura ran

    Training in level 2 hairdressing

    Pd my local collage is still enrolling for this year so definitely call them they may be able to get you in xxxx best of luck hun xxxx
  4. Laura ran

    Training in level 2 hairdressing

    I’m 33 mum of 3 I’m starting my level 2 hairdressing next week .Its a 2 evening a week collage course x
  5. Laura ran

    Help! Hairdressing qualification for extensions

    I am starting a c&g level 2 at college next week it’s 2 evenings a week xx have a look at your local collages I’m in Cheshire x
  6. Laura ran

    Starting City & Guilds level 2 hair

    Great thank you for the reply x it’s a great course as it’s 2 evenings a week which is perfect for me as a mum of 3 xxxx already thinking of level 3 next year
  7. Laura ran

    Starting City & Guilds level 2 hair

    Hello everyone I am starting my level 2 c&g soon at the age of 33 .I have picked this book up cheap of amazon looks a bit out of date but do you think it might help to have a look at before my course .Been qualified in beauty for over 10 years so excited
  8. Laura ran


    You still have normal periods with the copper coil mine are a lot lighter and not half as painful as they used to be x Didn’t hurt being put in I did the school run straight after but I have had 3 kids so maybe a bit looser
  9. Laura ran


    I have it had it now for 2 years it’s honestly the best thing ever !! My body does not act well with artificial hormones and have tried every other one going .The copper coil has been great
  10. Laura ran

    Spray tan machine

    I always found hvlp to be the best .I have bought new digital one but always go back to my old one .Found la tan machine to be the best and I also love their solutions as I am blonde and very fair they seem to last and fade the best x
  11. Laura ran

    Naio Urban Graffiti gel polish peeling

    I also had the same issue with gelish it was when using a buffing block swapped to a 180 file and no problems I was making the nail too smooth so product had nothing to grab too x
  12. Laura ran

    Chemical peel lines

    Can I have some info as as well interested xxx
  13. Laura ran

    Confidence gone

    Thank you Rosie x means a lot I think that’s it I care a lot and I know that’s a good thing but also let’s doubt sneak in .I will definitely keep you posted thanks again hun nice to hear from a fellow mum xx
  14. Laura ran

    Confidence gone

    Rossie thank you so so much for that lovely reply really needed it as well as a massive kick up the arse lol .Im planning on working from home with my beauty along side I am also volunteering in a hair salon to gain more experience and confidence xx I am a very good people person and seem to...
  15. Laura ran

    Newbie to Salon Geek

  16. Laura ran

    Confidence gone

    So ladies first time posting on here so please be nice but honest lol I have been qualified in massage abs beauty for around 10 years I’m 33 .After 3 children and a lot of life stress I never really did anything with my qualifications did a little bit but then life got in the way :( .My youngest...