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  1. Nailglitter28

    Most popular/favourite Gelish colours 2018

    Hi.everyone. Can anyone share your most popular / favourite Gelish colours? These are mine: ambience Need a tan Bella’s Vampire Clean slate Holidays party blues Sea foam
  2. Nailglitter28

    Why is Gelish Facebook group so secretive?

    Hello everyone. I have Cnd training and converted last year to Gelish so I could provide both brands as I liked both and both offer different colours. I like Gelish for their brights and shimmery shades and Cnd for their classic shades. I did the conversion as Gelish and shellac is a bit...
  3. Nailglitter28

    Model for gel nail course

    Hi. I’m going to do a conversion gelish Nails course but I need a model in Brighton for November Saturday The course is a bit far from where I live and everyone I know works so is very hard for me to have someone going with me to the course .Does anyone know Where to find a model for one day...
  4. Nailglitter28

    CND Shellac only lasting 4 days

    Hello. Can someone help me out please. I have a client that shellac only lasts for 4 days. Her job is very hands on and she often needs to use water to wash her hands or dishes. what is your advise to make shellac last longer? when I removed the rest of the polish of the nails it also takes...