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    Part Time Therapist

    Hi I have a position for a Therapist in my salon which I have recently taken over. The salon is small but very busy, offering all aspects of beauty. The hours are PT at the moment but it will be very likely that more hours will be available in December. CV's sent to...
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    Kim Lawless waxing

    Does anyone know if Kim Lawless or Perron Regiot do any intimate waxing courses near the North East?? Thanks Guys xx
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    Urgent help needed re Carlton Lift Professional

    Hi Guys need your help urgently I have just bought a Lift professional, admittedly it has sat in the box a few weeks till i opened my salon. I have a lift booked in tomorrow morning first thing but I cant figure out how to use the thing!! instructions are as clear as mud I am not sure what...
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    Risk Assessments

    Hi Guys HELP!! I am trying to do a risk assessment for the salon I am opening soon, to be honest I am struggling!! Has anyone got a copy of a Risk Assessment they can let me have so I can use it as a guide?? Thanks so much xx:eek:
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    Help, need strip lash supplier?

    Hi Guys I have recently had an offer accepted on a salon, so I will be going from mobile to salon based, I cant wait!! I have been trying to organise the usual boring stuff insurance etc but I am looking for where I can get strip lashes from to retail, I was hoping to find a supplier that...
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    Looking for room to rent, Newcastle Upon Tyne area

    Hi Does anyone know of any rooms available to rent in and around the Newcastle Upon Tyne area please? Many Thanks xxx
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    Help with male nail enhancements

    Hi Guys I Hope you can help, I have been asked by a gentleman if I would apply nail enhancements. The reason being is that he said he goes through periods where he bites his nails due to stress, He told me that he had a treatment done in Edinburgh once before and he thinks it was acrylics...
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    Anyone renting out a room in Newcastle area?

    Looking into the possibility of renting a room or space a few days a week, I am currently doing mobile and I live in the Ponteland (newcastle/northumberland) area so anywhere thats no too far from me would be great, if you are renting or know someone who maybe could you please bear me in mind...
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    To refund or not? Help!

    I have a client who booked me at the beginning of the year to carry out treatments before her wedding ie: spray tanning, nails, waxing etc. It was my first 'proper' wedding package and didnt have any sort of signed terms and conditions/contract etc but did put on the quote that the deposit was...
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    Help! I have booked my first wedding fayre

    Hi Everyone I have booked my first wedding fayre and its fair to say I am absolutely pooping myself about it. I have no idea where to start. I have a roll up banner advertising what services I do but apart from that I am stuck on what else I need to do. What should I put on the table...
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    CND Retention + help!

    Hi Everyone Need your help, I went to a beauty show last year and wanted to buy a new L+P as wanted a better quality product than what I was using. I went to the Sweet Squared stand and asked the girl there what she had for acrylics. She sold me Retention + liquid, and the pink, white and...
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    Nouveau Lashes - Help!

    Hi I have misplaced my training manual for Nouveau lash extensions, I haven't done them since my training and want to introduce them to my clients, I wanted to go over the training booklet to refresh my memory BUT! I have misplaced/lost my training booklet. Do any of you guys know if there...
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    Problems with NSI Gel

    I gave a client and her daughter a set of UV gel nails using NSI UV gel and white tips. They have both found that some of their nails have cracked and some have snapped. It had been a while since I had done nails as most of my business is spray tans and massage so to refresh I watched a video...