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    Curtain rails?!

    I want to curtain off a section in one of the therapy rooms. Does anyone have any ideas where i would get a curtain rail from that fits on the ceiling - a bit like they have in hospitals around the beds IYKWIM :green:
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    Car Lease

    Hiya Has anyone leased a car through their business? If so who with and is it worth it financially? x
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    Nail Tech in Sarasota US required

    I have a lovely client who is going to Sarasota in US for 6 weeks next month and will need her nails looking after whilst she is there. She currently has Pronails gel with sparkly pink gel polish, but is happy with another product (pref gel). Last time she was in the states she went to a...
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    Pinching gel??

    I entered my first nail comp at NEC last year and was really pleased to place, and am entering a couple of comps later on this year. I want to do the gel T&O categories. I know how L&P can be pinched, but how would you do this for gel? I have seen it mentioned in a couple of threads but cant...
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    Any ideas to help my poorly toddler?

    :cry: My 18 month old has had a bad cold and yesterday evening started being sick and is boiling hot. We have both had 90 mins sleep last night and both feeling grotty and grumpy today! Alfie can't have Calpol or similar as he gags on any of these medicines and we have tried them all! I have...
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    Help! Taking pro products on flight

    I have never been to Scotland and am thinking about entering the Scottish Beauty comp in May which gives me an excuse to stay a few days extra and explore Edinburgh! :) As I live in the South west, a train is around 7 hours :eek: and I don't fancy driving such a long way either so would prefer...
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    Nail Art Sale!!

    Pronails have a nail art sale on their website at the moment, I ordered lots of bits and bobs that I have had my eye on for a while and it all arrived today! I stocked up on gems, glitters, stripers, stickers and some teeny little sparkly stars. :green: Can't wait to get into the salon tomorrow...
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    Search Engine Optimisation

    Hi all, We have recently had our website revamped with an online shop and are really pleased with it. However, we need to get it higher in the search engines. We have swapped a few links, and I wondered if anyone had paid for search engine optimisation? and if so did it work? This is new to...
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    Thalgo phone number

    I'm having trouble finding Thalgo UK phone number - does anyone have this to hand?
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    Tend Skin

    Can anyone tell me where we can buy Tend Skin from to stock in the salon? Thanks!
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    Would you like to trade website links?

    We have just had our website re-jigged and would like to trade links to help boost each others website rating. Please PM me if you would like to trade links :green:
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    Cherish Salon

    Cherish Salon in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, is set in beautiful rural surroundings with plenty of free parking. We have extensive luxury beauty and spa treatments, a hairdressing salon, and a specialist nail studio. We use top products including Joico, Matis and Pronails. Mail order your...
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    NEC Comp

    I sent my entry form off for the comp at the NEC a few weeks back, but i havent received any confirmation or rules etc. Particulary need the photographic rules as i want to do the pic in the next week. Has anyone else had any info back from them?
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    Salon software question

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    Reduced Cordcourt uniforms

    Just looking through the Cordcourt salon uniforms website, trying to find the brown linen style uniforms they had at Excel, and they have lots of uniforms reduced. Some were 80% off. A few things were under a tenner! Couldnt find the one I was looking for though :cry: In case anyone is...
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    Trainee Hairdresser Insurance

    Our current insurers (pro beauty) won't insure a trainee hairdresser. Any ideas on other insurance companies that would? We are waiting to hear back from the guild. Thanks!
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    Salon software question

    Has anyone got any experience of working with salon software packages? We are looking at getting a package for our salon and have looked at Premier software and Salon Iris systems. I would love some feedback on ease of use, pros and cons and customer service. And also how much of an...