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  1. ste

    Salon rules

    Hi guys can you please help I am wanting to put together some rules, the guys in the salon are self employed so I under stand I can't tell them what hours to work ect but can I tell them I want x amount of notice for days off and one at a time for holidays and to avoid busy times like Xmas, or...
  2. ste

    She didn't hang up

    Hi all Sorry just want to vent, called one of the girls the other day to discuss a re launch party we are planning and she didnt hang up, so i heard her talking about me and how it gets on her nerves that i call her she is self employed but i respect her opinion and im not just doing this for...
  3. ste

    Part time stylist

    We are lookig for a part time hairdresser, Are you confident forward thinking and motivated ? then you could be who we are looking for, we are looking for the right person to join our team of 4 at our hair and beauty salon near Doncaster please send CV to High Voltage Unit 4 the station...
  4. ste

    Digital perm

    Hi today i have being asked if we do digital perms, do any of you guys offer these perms ?? I dont do any where near enough perms to be buying a machine, i know tgey are diffrent but dont think its worth it.
  5. ste

    I need an afro!

    Hi all i have a model with medium length very blond and nothing like a afro hair but need to recreate the afro look for a photo how would any of you guys recreate this look ? Thanks.
  6. ste

    Advice for staff meeting

    I know it sounds thick of me to ask but i have never had to do this befor,i need to hold a staff meeting due to one staff member nit pickin another but not to the others face to me all the time, some thing i agree with as the second member is new to the industry so needs to learn also i need to...
  7. ste

    Paint box colours?

    Afternoon all ! Dose anyone use fudge paint box colour im lookin to make mint green can anyone help cant seem to get it minty :(
  8. ste

    How to word introduction poster?

    Hi guys i have a salon and have a new stylist starting and im going to have a poster made with a intro offer to welcome him and his new price lists ( less than the others ) but cant make it make sence how would you word it ?
  9. ste

    Self employed contracts

    Hi ! Would any of you lovely geeks ( creap creap) Be kind enough to share any info on the contracts you ues for your self enployed stylists or therapist i dont know where to start and gettin really stressed 😓 My e mail is if any of you could help i would be very...
  10. ste


    Hi guys i am re locating to a larger salon in the new year and am looking to rent out chairs or on % basis The new salon is on a very busy main road of a village location i have someone wanting part time she has being mobile for many years and thinks most clients will follow her to the salon...
  11. ste

    Wedding nails

    Help me please, im off to a wedding this weekend i have a mink coloured dress, pink shoes and a purple bag , what colour should i do my finger nails ?? My freind said black im nkt sure im thinkin nude shellac or gold cheetah ??
  12. ste

    Help with 13 year olds modeling portfolio

    Hi all, i need some help, i have being asked to do the makeup on a 13 year old girl for a modeling portfolio, but the photographer said she will ask the girl what look she wants " natural or if she wants to vamp it up " !!!! SHES 13 i just think agents ect would not give work to a13 year old...
  13. ste

    Just wanted to cry !!!

    Hi all, just want a bit of a rant, had a biz buddy come to my salon ( a small salon in a ex pit village) i opend the salon 1 year ago today, well i was telling him how i had taken a add out in a nice free mag that only goes to the "posh" side of the village ( i took this add coz it goes to the...
  14. ste

    Should i ??

    Hi guys, i have just had a lady come in to the salon she has broken her natural nail below the free edge, and wants her nails done for her hols next week it was not bleeding or open she said it didnt even hurt, i said if she was to have a nail on it would have to be short and she would have to...
  15. ste

    New ez flow gel

    Hi guys has anybody had any problems with the new gel alternatives ? I have done a few sets inc myself and some of them have peeled a bit like rubber what am i doing wrong :cry:
  16. ste

    My new salon

    hi all dont know if this is in the right place but hay, it was the first day in MY NEW SALON !!!!:) :) :) yipeeeee
  17. ste

    Micro teach, help

    hi all, i am half way through my 7303 and coming to my micro teach i know some of you guys have done this so could realy do with your help i have read on that some of you have got to pick the topic to teach, i can not do this :eek: i have got to fill 30 mins on challenges to learning...
  18. ste

    Leslie Ash

    hi all, did anybody see face to face with lesile ash ? i am a beauty therapist and love wot i do but i dont think i would want to ofer that, done by myself think ill stick with the girls i know that do this, !
  19. ste

    omg ! own salon

    hi guys, i have wanted my own salon for so long and now, i have just looked at a place this weekend in a place i SO want the thing is my brother has offerd me the money to set it all up i dont have to pay him back the biz will be in both names thing is its much biger than we thought and of...
  20. ste

    staff ?

    hi all, i am wanting to get my own salon and would love my freind who is a very good hairdresser to come and work for me self emp like she dose at the salon shes at now, how could i try and tempt her :confused: i have asked and she said shes ok there at the mo, wot would temt you guys ?