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  1. ronray

    Any Crazy Colour experts?

    Is anyone here experienced in crazy colour or knowledgeable enough to know what mixing certain shades would create? I've used a lot of brands but only ever dabled in crazy colour. Any help would be great. Was thinking of mixing marshmallow and silver or platinum. But not confident this will...
  2. ronray

    Hairdressers and contact lenses?

    I'm contemplating contact lenses after years of wearing glasses, but my concern is all the sprays and of course loose hairs that we deal with every day, has anyone had any issues whilst wearing contacts in a salon environment?
  3. ronray

    Curly girl/guy method approved products?

    Hi does anyone here use the CGM? Also does anyone know of any professional products or semi professional products that are suitable? I really want to give this a go, but can't even entertain the idea of putting the shop bought rubbish that they're advocating in the groups. I've also had a few...
  4. ronray

    Manual hair loss products?

    Has anyone had any experience with Manual hair loss treatments? I only heard about it today, but I can see it's been around for a little while. They also sell other products so any information or reviews on the brand would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  5. ronray

    Quickest perm?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a fast processing Perm solution if there's such a thing? I do a fair amount of perms, but I usually use schwarzkopf hydro wave as my go to, and I'm always happy with the time, condition, results etc... But I may have to perm my nans hair at home as...
  6. ronray

    Flat head, no occipital bone

    My client has a graduated Bob no layers at the moment but she would really like a shorter layerd /more inverted Bob. But the back of her head is flat! The crown is very flat and not rounded at all, which leaves the hair flat in that area. But the occipital bone is practically none existent, so...
  7. ronray

    Extreme hair loss/thinning?

    Beware! Long Post ahead! I have been experiencing a lot of hairloss recently, it started as general thinning, but now I vertually have a bald patch on the crown area. This is not something that runs in the family. I'm only in my 20's so this is a major concern. I have been using a shampoo that...
  8. ronray

    Wedding hair help

    I've been asked to do a friend's hair. hair up etc is not my forte. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to do something similar to this. It's a 50s style wedding. Hair is shoulder length, extremely thick and course. Her hair is dead straight naturally. Any help would be much...
  9. ronray

    Extremely tangled hair - almost dreadlock

    My best friend has always had fairly knotty hair. Since having her baby, her hair now knots from the root, when her hair is washed it separates itself into clusters at the root and the ends bind together! It took me 2hours to de-tangle it and cut it the other night! It's her birthday at the end...
  10. ronray

    Family as clients?

    Does anyone else think that family are often the worst clients you have? Mine is typically my mother! Always questions what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it. Always picks faults with her hair as soon as its done, yet loves it then the next day and never complains about it again after... And...
  11. ronray

    Problems with colour remover (Eraser)

    Hi geeks, I have used affinage eraser twice this week and have been really disappointed. Hopefully someone can help or recommend a better product. 1st client : was a base 44/0 wanting a 5/0. I followed the instructions thoroughly it removed all traces of the previous 44/0 so I applied 6/0 with...