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    Cheap waxing spatulas if anyone is interested

    Hi all I found some cheap waxing spatulas on eBay over the weekend and ordered 5000. I received them today and they are just as good as any from a wholesaler. The link is below. You can get 5000 or 50,000...
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    Justwax expert hot wax

    Hi I just wondered if anyone had tried the justwax expert hot wax that Andy from Axiom developed with Salon Services, and if so, how it compares to waxes like PR and outback? Thanks x
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    Taking payments

    Hi I'm opening a waxing room at home in a few months and have a question about taking payments. I will be happy to take cash, bank transfer and PayPal but im not sure how I go about evidencing this to an accountant for my taxes. How can I prove what I've taken? How do I prove that I haven't...
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    Home waxing room question - another question added

    I'm in the process of getting a waxing room set up at home and just you have your bed against a wall (so you can only work from one side), or in the middle so you can walk round it? Thanks!
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    Outback Organics Opal, what temperature on a digital?

    Hi i know it depends on the weather and room temperature etc but i just wondered what temperature you usually use on a hive digital for outbacks opal? Thanks Sarah
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    Adam & Eve/Jax Wax

    Has anyone used any of the Adam & Eve (now Jax Wax) strip or hot waxes? I just wondered how they compared to ther brands such as perron or outback? Thanks Sarah
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    Waxing couch recommendations

    Hi I currently have REM airlite portable couch but will be opening a home waxing salon later in the year and would like something a bit comfier for my clients. Could anyone recommend a decent couch, either standard or electric, for waxing. Many thanks Sarah
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    Building regulations for garage & business rates

    Hi I've had a quote for converting 2/3 of my garage in to a waxing room. The builders said that I only need building regs if someone is sleeping in there but they weren't sure if I needed them if using it for business. Has anyone done anything similar and if so did you need building regs? Also...
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    Bedroom as a waxing room and fold up bed

    Hi I'm trained in waxing by Kim Lawless and would like to start working from home part time (around my main job) to try and build up a clientelle. I have 2 choices. I could either convert part of my garage at a cost of approx £7k plus building regs costs, or I could use my bedroom (we don't have...
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    Trained with Kim Lawless today and..... was great! Kim is amazing and makes you feel so confident. I can't wait to go back tomorrow when I'll be doing the intimate waxing course! If anyone is unsure about booking then just do it, you won't regret it, X
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    How long to allow for appointments when starting out?

    Hello! I'm training in women's speed waxing and women's intimate in December and I have organised rental of a beauty room one evening a week and Saturdays to start with. I know a lot of you on here have trained with Kim having got no prior waxing experience and I just wondered how long you...
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    Another wax heater question

    When you put your tins of PR in to a Hive heater do you: a) take the Hive original insert/tin/well out of the heater and put the tin straight in to the heater, or b) leave the Hive original insert/tin/well in the heater and put the PR tin in to that? I guess with B the heat would have to get...
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    PR Wax - direct in to the heater or keep in tin?

    Hello! With the Hive digital heaters do you tend to pour your wax in to the heaters own inner container or keep it in the tin (for warm wax). Also, for your hot wax, do you put the beads directly in to the heater or buy a spare PR tin and put the beads in that? In the past I've poured wax (or...
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    Is waxing a man's back any different to a woman's legs?

    I'll be training in women's waxing with Kim in December. My other half has said I can practice on his back but I'm not sure if the technique is the same??? Thanks
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    Choosing a business name when a similar name is trademarked

    I've though of a name for my business and it isn't registered with companies house, however, there is a similar name trademarked. The name I have chosen only contains one word but when I look on the trademark site there is a trademarked name that is the same as the one I thought of but with the...
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    Going crazy trying to come up with a name for a waxing business!

    I can't believe how difficult it is to come up with a business name...I think I'm going to go mad! Any help appreciated! Thanks Sarah
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    Hotel recommendation near Kim Lawless's training centre in Upminster?

    As the title says! Many thanks Sarah
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    Electrical adhesive lined heat shrink tube for hair extensions!

    I ordered some well known adhesive lined shrinkies from the USA and had them tested in a lab...the outcome......I was told that I may as well just buy the adhesive lined heat shrink tube from an electrical store!!!!! Makes me slightly nervous so I'll be trying it on myself first! Also annoys...
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    Which adhesive do you use with Celeb Elite hair?

    Hi I use to fit extensions but became more and more frustrated with shedding problems when either doing fusion, or pre-tipping my own hair. Hair companys seem to coat the hair with so much silicon that no adhesives hold it properly. I just wondered which keratin adhesive people use and how they...
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    Best aftercare products for Celeb Elite extensions?

    Hi As the title says really! Celeb Elite don't have their own range of aftercare products, and I wondered which products you found best with these extensions? I personally use a standard shampoo with a L'oreal vitamino conditioner through the ends afterwards. What do you use? Sarah