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  1. gr8nailz

    Clients that think they're friends

    I must agree that in order to remain professional in this industry if you are using social media as part of your business, you must maintain a separate, professional online presence. If you don't, you are inviting this very type of behavior. By keeping a personal as well as a professional online...
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    Problem nails - advice needed please

    My son's girlfriend can wear Shellac exactly 2 days because her nails are very "oily." In all my years of doing nails, I've never seen anything like it. No matter how much I dehydrate, Shellac peels off her nails in entire sheets in 2 days from both her fingers AND toes. I've also tried...
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    Choochy! I've been missing for a while! SG isn't what it used to be so I haven't bothered with...

    Choochy! I've been missing for a while! SG isn't what it used to be so I haven't bothered with it. I love Gelish but we don't use it at our salon so I haven't ordered any more but I see that you are doing beautifully with it!
  4. gr8nailz

    What to say to somebody complaining?

    This is where you, as a nail professional, must draw a line. She doesn't have an open-ended invitation to a free set of nails whenever the h#ll she feels like booking in for her next big event. You made a reasonable accommodation and she cancelled. Game Over. In my opinion, your obligation...
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    Which smells evoke memories?

    Night Blooming Jasmine...reminds me of my childhood.
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    Best actor/actress

    Meryl Streep immediately came to mind as did Tom Hanks and of course, the ever delicious Johnny Depp.
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    Post a picture off your camera roll

    OH! EM! GEE! I've reported you, you vile, evil person!! You deserve a lifetime ban for such horrific, disturbing imagery! JK This image is now burned on to my retinas! :cry: BTW, whoever invented those pants should be burned at the stake.
  8. gr8nailz

    Post a picture off your camera roll

    Yes. Yes, you can. ;) And who am I kidding? My entire camera roll is full of his pictures. LOL
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    Jammed Finger is bleeding/swollen Check out this thread for more information.
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    Post a picture off your camera roll

    #9... My son, Kellen. Next #47
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    What song do you hate the most, ever?

    Anything by Mariah Carey.
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    What to say to somebody complaining?

    Valid points here: You're a booth renter; therefore, YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS. Why would she want you to do her nails again if you did such a poor job the first time? Since you are your own boss, the first thing you need to learn to do is say NO or you'll put yourself right out of business.
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    Shrinking Violet-is it worth training in? Still popular?

    What an utter display of total unprofessionalism and a complete bitch-fest.
  14. gr8nailz

    What to say to somebody complaining?

    First of all, there are no refunds in our line of work...EVER. Second, you're right, nails don't just fall off. Since you know you did a good job putting that set of nails on her, what did she do to them then? Sounds like the prom is over and she no longer needs or wants the nails but...
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    I sincerely, truly believe you can CHOOSE to be happy no matter what your life circumstances are. But it's a choice. I think sometimes we get mired in life's circumstances and can't see beyond it. My philosophy is this: Allow yourself a moment's worth of a pity party. When life's...
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    Room 101

    The Kardashians...all of them. They are not human. Poor cell phone etiquette Anyone who does not wash their hands after using the restroom! Uh...gross!
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    It's been said that I live my life through rose-colored glasses but I don't think that's the case. I see life for what it is and people for who they are. No matter what happens in life, I treat it as a learning experience, garner knowledge from it and move on and whomever I encounter in...
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    Your favourite book(s)?

    Still waiting. :wink2:
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    Your favourite book(s)?

    A Classic: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.
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    Your favourite book(s)?

    One of my all time faves! I've read it twice.