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  1. LayStar

    Revivanail staining my nails..?!

    Hey peeps, I am taking a break from my enhancements and going natural for a few months. I have been using Revivanail and it's staining my nails with bright yellow patches?! :eek: Why is this? I'm scrubfreshing my nails and making sure they're dry before applying the treatment, I'm not wearing...
  2. LayStar

    Temporary Tooth Filling - anyone had this before?

    OMG :eek: I went to the dentist this morning fo a filling in one of my teeth - the tooth had no visable holes, but an xray showed shadowing inside. So, 2 injections later, the dentist begun drilling my tooth (I have never had a filling before so didn't know what to expect!) and my tooth...
  3. LayStar

    o2 problem, anyone else having the same?

    Is anyone else who's on o2 having probs with their signal? My phone is saying "Emergency Calls Only", I've turned it on and off a fair few times, taken out the battery and sim, swapped the sim into another phone, and still no signal. Anyone else getting this? xx
  4. LayStar

    Earache, heeeelp

    I have maaaaaaaaajor earache, I had an ear infection a coupke of weeks ago for which I was given drops for, and it cleared up. The annoying cold I now have seems to have spurned another ear infection on :cry: Does anyone have any advice on how to kill the pain, obv I can't instantly cure the...
  5. LayStar

    Moving advice!!

    Hey Geeky Chichas (and chichos!!) I am moving to Wales in just over 6 weeks, and am a little lost on what I need to do regarding notifying people ie bank etc. Anyone fancy giving me a checklist of things I need to do? Not just about notifying the authorities, just any advice on moving...
  6. LayStar

    Nail Technician wanted in Clacton

    Creative Nail technician wanted for nail and beauty salon in Clacton-on-Sea. Pay per hour, wage and hours negotiable. Please phone 01255 688830
  7. LayStar

    Model needed for interview in CARDIFF

    Heya Geeky chichas, I have an interview next tuesday (5th) for a salon in Cardiff city centre, and I need a model! I have a friend there who has already said she will model but I fear she might let me down :rolleyes: So I need a backup model. I should find out today or tomorrow if she can...
  8. LayStar

    Christmas Nails!!

    I've been playing with christmas designs! I did these on our receptionist, custom blend french, with bronze & silver metro powders applied at zone 3 and blended up to zone 2. The snowflakes are handpainte with white acrylic paint. Ignore any tinges of yellowness on these - the daft mare...
  9. LayStar

    Rockstar Nails

    I did a set of 'rockstar' nails on one of my regulars today, she loves long and colourful nails, and is going to a rock themed party tomorrow, so this is what I gave her..! I used the black and silver metro powders. Waaay too long for my liking but what the client wants the client...
  10. LayStar

    Has anyone NOT received their show badge yet??

    I'm STILL waiting for my badge for the show on sunday, am I the only one?! Anyone got a badge going spare?!!
  11. LayStar

    Custom Blended Nail

    Hellooo!! I did a custom blend on one of the girls I work with, I do quite a lot of c.blends but I'd love some advice or criticism on where I'm going right or wrong and ways I could improve! xxx
  12. LayStar

    Updated Video Tutorials

    Hey geeklins I have uploaded a few new videos onto my website. Perfect summer designs too :green: Hope you like them ;) xx
  13. LayStar

    Dyshidrotic Eczema

    Has/does anyone suffer with this?! I have a major outbreak on my fingers, palms and backs of hands and it's driving me crazy. The docs have diagnosed it as a result of an allergy to a fungal infection I have on my left palm - gross I know!! They've given me some cream, which isn't really...
  14. LayStar

    Happy Birthday Nikki!!

    Happy Birthday Nutter!! Hope you have a faaaaaaaaaab day huni!! :hug: :Love: Mwah! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. LayStar

    BluBerry Sparkle coloured nails

    Just done a new set last night! The blues are mixed using CND's Mosaic & Metro powders and tons of glitter!! The clear ends are done with CND Glimmer powder with silver stars and mini gems encased underneath. Hope you like them :green: xx
  16. LayStar

    Geeky Greetings From The Geek Stand!!

    Hey guys we're all set up and online!! We've met loadsa geeks so far, and had quite a lot of interest from non geeky people!! Keep you posted!!
  17. LayStar

    Attention To All Excel Competitors

    There is a model available for the SUNDAY national nail competition at Excel if someone is in need of a model!! She's fully prepped and ready to go!!Lol PM myself or Ruth before 8am tomorrow morning if you are needing a replacement or last min model xxxxxxxxxxx
  18. LayStar

    Getting pretty for Spring :)

    I'm loving butterflies at the moment!! They're handpainted and the 3d butterflies are made from clear glittered acrylic with a handpainted pattern on top. :)
  19. LayStar

    Happy Birthday Christine!!

    Hope you're having a fab day xxxxxxx ;)
  20. LayStar

    My Valentines Art <3