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  1. hippy-chick

    Predictions for new hot treatments 2012/13

    Its funny seeing things become hot and the must haves for a few months then fade away. Whats your predictions for the next year? I see eyelash extentions continuing to rise in popularity. Colon massage making a comeback. Hot stone having a new twist.
  2. hippy-chick

    Skype phone

    Has anyone registered with skype for a business number? I've just moved into a new place and have internet and was looking at this option rather than registering for a landline. I've been told that it is around £42 for a year and you get a landline number. It would mean me being connected to...
  3. hippy-chick

    Armpit boil?

    I was in the gym today and as I was lifting the weights in body pump I noticed a big red mark, on closer inspection its a big red spot with a bit white head........ what is it and what do I do with it?
  4. hippy-chick

    Anyone do EFT?

    I'm just about to set up EFT as part of my holistic practice and wondered if anyone else did EFT.
  5. hippy-chick

    Vote for old Salon Geek with a heart

    Sick of reading facebook statuses on this forum, this used to be a professional forum, we used it for asking professional advice. Chit chat was where we let our hair down a little, although that used to be policed well and we kept inane comments to a minimum. So, if you are like me, and...
  6. hippy-chick

    Academy, school, institute

    This question is to everyone that has ever done any training or infact offers training. If you signed up to do training with a private establishment would you have certain expectations just from the name? If I saw the words academy, school or institute I visualise a stand alone premises that...
  7. hippy-chick

    Neal's Yard Remedies Consultants

    Just 3 days left to join NYR at just £50. Why join? * work alongside your existing work * bring in new clients * offer a quality and beautiful looking retail products * natural and organic so fits in with holistic therapists * use the products in your treatments for holistic, massage and...
  8. hippy-chick

    Kindle virgin

    Have got with 21st century and bought a kindle today. Have linked it up to wifi and bought and downloaded a book for 99p and a free one. :) Have had a peruse on amazon and have been told they do a free one everyday. :lol: so, before I make any costly mistakes, has anyone got any lifesaving...
  9. hippy-chick

    Neal's Yard Remedies Consultants

    I've stocked Neal's yard remedies in my salon since last year. I have them displayed and clients ask about them. I have done a few MBS fairs and a house party. The NYR work with all of these - you get out of it what you want. No pressure from the company, lots of relevant emails sent to inform...
  10. hippy-chick

    lymphatic drainage massage

    [have done a search prior to this] Anyone do lymphatic drainage massage on here? I've had a few clients ask for this treatment lately and am thinking of New Year promo.......I do the treatment but am wanting to compare notes with anyone on here. Also has anyone done the vodder MLD course -...
  11. hippy-chick

    Petition for blackberry users

    so want to be able to geek on my blackberry. any bb users want it supported? put your comment below.
  12. hippy-chick

    Editting programme

    I've just started filming mini clips to go onto my website and you tube. At the moment I'm using windows live moviemaker live to edit as it came with the computer. This weekend I did a little bit of researching on the internet and people rate windows moviemaker more, but it won't accept mp4's...
  13. hippy-chick

    Last Chance to Vote

    The guild awards of excellence awards voting is closing tomorrow and I know a few geeks have been nominated as well as myself. It just takes one minute to fill this form in and you can vote in each category. So, have you had chance to vote, and if not, please take a moment today to vote for...
  14. hippy-chick

    ebay selling is it easy?

    I've got some household things I'd like to sell, daft things like a disco ball and some books and odds and sods. I tried setting up as a seller a while back but for some reason it wouldn't considering setting up again but wondering has it been simplified.....and more...
  15. hippy-chick

    Sleep or lack of it!

    I used to be a very heavy sleeper, you could hold a rave in my bedroom and if I was asleep I would sleep through it. Since I've had my son (13 years ago) I don't think I've slept through the night without either waking up, snoring and waking myself up or having to go to the loo. I try to...
  16. hippy-chick

    September Feeling

    I don't know about you but September always has that "start of term" feeling. I love that term, new teacher and year in school, new course in college or new level. New bag, new pencil case, new pens, new folder. I've booked some gerard's training for September 2nd so I can...
  17. hippy-chick

    For tutors : accrediation companies

    My courses are accreditted through the Guild anyhow, one of the courses I'm writing is unfortunately not going to be passed by the Guild (just one one those things) so have to look for another company for this course, and was wondering what is the most recognised and accepted by most insurance...
  18. hippy-chick

    Blackberry question

    I'm with virgin for my blackberry and use facebook a lot. I want to do the PLACES and TAG people but I cant seem to access it. it does say in the instructions that I have read and re-read umpteen times that it depends on your server. My son has a blackberry and is on orange and he has no...
  19. hippy-chick

    Acne | coincidence?

    hey geeks, I have hormonal acne on my chin. I started using a progesterone cream (someone recommended it) which you apply on your body 14 days of the month. A month ago I also started a low carb diet, I've cut bread, potatoes, cereal, and only eat small amounts of rice and pasta. My skin...
  20. hippy-chick

    Electric massage couch

    I am going to have to invest in one as when I am teaching, the students all need different heights. I also want a decent back to it as some clients like to sit up, and it must be comfortable. I need a facehole or attachment too and a wide one would be good. Has anyone got any...