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  1. Scratchers

    Big Thankyou xXx

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the geeks that showed up to the geek meet in manchester it was so lovely to put some more names to faces, i hope to see the 3 new geeks to be on here soon thanks a million girls :hug:
  2. Scratchers

    Who wants to compete????

    Hello everybody hope you are all well, i know i haven't been on for ages so thought i would stop by and see whats going on...... Now manchester nail competition is bad on track....YAY..... i just wanted to see how many of you geeks that have never competed before would like to??? maybe...
  3. Scratchers

    Self employed nail tech wanted

    If you would like to know more details please contact me through a private message or email at :hug:
  4. Scratchers

    My Nails from Birmingham comp..

    Hi everyone, well i have recovered and i hope all that competed this weekend had a good time even if it didn't go the way you wanted its an experience and i hope to see you all competing again...big well done to everyone :hug: So i thought i would post my pics for you to wasn't my...
  5. Scratchers

    Nailympics 2008 Practise

    Hi everyone, well i know that there are a few geeks going to enter the nailympics this year which am really looking forward to see you there..... i had my 1st practise today and i am really stuggling to fit it all in in the 2 hours require as i am so use to 2 and a half :eek: anyway i'd...
  6. Scratchers

    My New Website!!! Yay....

    Hi all hope you are well, i am very excited today as my new website has be launch, there are still a couple of bits to do in the galleries which will be up and running tomorrow fingers crossed. I'd love to have any feedback as i've been looking for ages now to mind any mistakes and my eyes...
  7. Scratchers

    For All Geeks Going To Excel In March!!

    Hi everyone, Only a few more weeks to wait and excel will be upon us, i for one am really looking forward to seeing all you geeks there. The only problem i have is knowing who is who!! I have noticed in the past that geeks have gone to these fab events but are too shy to say hi or you...
  8. Scratchers

    My new towels and uniform

    I had to share my bargin with you all. I decided that i wanted my uniform and towels embroided to look more professional...nothing fancy...But jeez does it make a difference. Everyone today noticed and loved the idea i got my Kimono top from beauty street the towels from tesco at £3 each...
  9. Scratchers

    January Issue of Scratch

    Hello lovely people I hope i am putting this the right place, sorry if not. I know not everyone can get the Scratch Magazine, but just wanted to share a couple of things with you all as this months issue was just fab fab!!! Our Salon nail competition was featured so i have scanned it so...
  10. Scratchers

    PB Beauty awards

    Hi everyone i know its abit early but i have booked a table of 10 at the awards night here's the link if you would like to look i have booked a premium table and before i fill them all with family i wondered if there are any geeks that would like to take a...
  11. Scratchers

    Well done Geeg 1st place!!!

    just wanted to say a big congratulations to Gigi on her 1st place scratch front cover, so simply ssssoooo effective!!!! A worthy winner :hug: also a big well done to liza smith who's front cover cane 2nd it is beautiful xx i wish i could have a front cover you girls are brill...
  12. Scratchers

    Jackie Jefford's New Agency

    Hi everyone In the last Scratch mag there was an article about the new Nail artist agency of Jackies, i have been trying to get through and left loads of messages. I was wondering if anyone new a nother number or had successfullly got through and joined up? Thanks for you time ladies xx:hug:xx
  13. Scratchers

    Oh My God I'm Engaged!!!!

    Hello everyone, Well as you all know it was my birthday On Friday so last night we all went out to a casino in Northampton. It didn't start other half Lee bought me a cute new dress to wear out and when i went to do it up the zip broke and i could fix it :grr: Me being...
  14. Scratchers

    Give your opinion on the PB magazine.

    Hello everyone, I was speaking to a few people today at the show and altho we all LOVE Scratch mag we do miss PB nails. Since the mag merged it all together alot of us have not renewed subscription and there just wasn't enough in it for us.. there is only so many times you can be told how to...
  15. Scratchers

    Any nail techs in Bath and New Zealand?

    Hello everyone, I have 3 clients moving away soon i have a clients moving to Bath in a coiple of weeks and needs a new nails tech, i use creative so she would prefer creative trained, she has her nails done every 2 weeks with white powder, she is fantastic and i am so said to lose her as she...
  16. Scratchers

    Good Luck To Everyone

    Hello everyone, As i am going away next week on my hollie bops i thought i would post this now as i don't think i am going to get on here before i go.....Sometimes i wonder why i both to have holidays as it is just such a nightmare to fit clients in before i go so i have found myself fully...
  17. Scratchers

    My New Pinching Tweezers!!

    Hello everyone, Hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday!!??!! So i was shopping in hobbie craft the other day, its like my second home in there the lady on the til knows my name now lol I hope this is going to help out any competition geeks or anyone that pinches, if you have all...
  18. Scratchers

    Mundo Infection Control Products

    Hello everyone, I was recently sent some samples from Mundo to try and thought i would share my veiws with you as i am very impressed!! They sent me a sanitizing hand gel which at work it looks like i drink it as i always use it and also sanitizing hand & foot spay. THEY ARE FAB!!! Not...
  19. Scratchers

    Still waiting for competition rules!!!

    does anyone know when they are due to put the rules and regs for the comps up on their website i keep looking and am getting alittle frustrated as i have started pratising for fancy french but i don't have a clue what it involves???? can we use other colours or glitters? is it salon nails or...
  20. Scratchers

    So mad at my client!!!!

    Hello everyone, Now before i tell about the last 7 weeks with a client of mine i would like you all to know, that i will NEVER do it again and i can't believe i was stupid enough to trust her!! So i have learnt from my mistake and now i am going to off load!!! I HAD (yes had not have) a...