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  1. choc choc

    How to go about manis and pedis in care homes

    hello. had a look through all the threads and not getting the answer i need, I want to start offering treatments to the elderly after doing some care work feel am ready for this now, can any one tell me how they went about it , did you visit the care homes, if so what information etc did you...
  2. choc choc

    Hairdressing experience needed nottingham

    Level 2 trained looking for salon experience in the nottingham area.
  3. choc choc

    Trays for manicure desk

    Can anynone please help on where to buy the trays for a manicure table . I have brought one without the trays, I have tried my local suppliers but there are £20 each. any ideas on anything cheaper.
  4. choc choc

    Have I left it to late to start hairdressing

    Hello everyone. After doing beauty for a few years(which I still do) I decided that I would really like to train in hairdressing so a couple of years ago I did my level 2 in hairdressing, after completing the course I realised I didn't have enough knowledge or expericence to go it alone so tried...
  5. choc choc

    Hair extension gun problem

    I trained years ago but used a glue gun. but I have just brought one for pre bonded hair extensions and was just wondering if only one plate is supposed to heat up ?
  6. choc choc

    Spray tanning at ladies evening help needed

    Had a good look and can't find all the answers I want. wanting to do spray tanning at a ladies pamper and shopping evening and not sure on some things. 1- pre tan advice. (could I take exfoliation wipes) 2-patch test-( would I get them to sign a disclamer) Anyone done one before and any...
  7. choc choc

    Please help

    sorted now thank you
  8. choc choc

    How have you got to where you are today ?

    I did a similar post to this in 2008 and I loved all the feedback so thought I would post again....just interested to hear how you got where you are today. where you started at and how you got there (the journey ) and any tips or advice you have .
  9. choc choc

    How many hairdressers have level 3

    I have just completed my level 2 in hairdressing and was planning on using it mobile with my beauty. but I decided to go on and do my level 3 as I didn't feel that I had enough knowledge, but now I am wondering if I have done the right thing. the choices are Do level 3 and spend another year...
  10. choc choc

    Help with hair that's gone ginger

    I am level 2 qualified in hair in need of some advice from the experts. my friend has just rang me to say she has had a tint on her hair that went ginger so then the hairdresser put some highlights through and it is still ginger. she has a natural light base of 9. well all i have in is a 7,13...
  11. choc choc

    Spray tan not taking

    A lady has just rang me asking what spray tan solution I use as the only one that takes on her is st tropez and she has to have 3 layers done. she says she has tried loads of different solutions Why would this be ? she is coming for some patch tests. any help would be great
  12. choc choc

    scholl fayre help with pricing

    I am helping at my daughters school fayre on saturday, doing temporary tattoos and polish and nail art I was thinking 50p for the temp tattoos but not sure on the nail art can any one help who has done one or been to one just to note it is in aid of the shool funds not for profit for me the...
  13. choc choc

    Hot stone therapy

    I am starting my hot stone therapy course next year , and have been looking at the heaters i think their just look like slow cookers could you use a slow cooker, any help would be great.
  14. choc choc

    retail items for a promotion/pamper evening

    hi. i wondered if any one can give me some advice on what i should retail at a pamper eve i am doing at my local school. i was thinking solar oil but i dont no what size to go for etc . i am already promoting some cuccio products but did want to add somethink else. By the way i am new to cnd...
  15. choc choc

    Pro Forma form

    sorry not sure where to post this thread (sorry if its in the wrong place). but wonderd if any one can help, have been asked by a local school where I am going to be doing a pamper evening to fill out a pro forma form have never seen or heard of one before just like to know what i am filing out...
  16. choc choc

    First client booked in for sunday

    I've had my training got all my equipment got my hvlp gun yesterday from tantrick done my advertising and wow 1st client booked in for sunday excited and a bit nervous any good advice for 1st paying client would be more than welcome.
  17. choc choc

    Don't Quit

    When this go wrong as they sometimes will when the road you're trudging seems uphill when the funds are low and the debts are high and you want to smile, but you have to sigh when care is pressing you down a bit rest if you must but don't you quit life is queer with its twist and turns, as...
  18. choc choc

    Calgel or Biosculpture?

    any advice on which company to go with pros cons etc. had a search but still not sure any help would be great.
  19. choc choc

    given up smoking today

    well i've done it and given the cigs up today. wish me luck and any advice is welcome.
  20. choc choc

    Tantrick Training Completed

    had my training today from julie it was great . i am now looking forward to getting spraying . thank you to collin and julie for all you help.